The Brood

THE BROOD- Chris Horne; Crystal Light; Betsy Mitchell; Asch Gregory


LPs / CDs

IN SPITE OF IT ALL - (December 1988) Get Hip/Skyclad- Naked 21. About 3000 Black Vinyl with paste-on style cover slicks & about 750 Cassettes. About 500 white label promos were issued. Also reissued in 1994 on direct-to-board printed jackets with about 500 on Tan Splash Vinyl & about 500 on 150-gram Black Vinyl. Tracks: Satisfyin'/ Cry / Why Don't You Call Me / See If I Care / I'm Not The One / Everybody's A Liar / Don't Look For Me / I Need You There / You Lie / You Turned Your Back On Me / How Many Times / You'll See / Yer No Good / I'll Put You Down / Taste Of The Same / On Fire. Liner notes by Ron Rimsite. Still Sealed Original $50, or Original White Label Promo Unplayed Mint $65, or Tan Splash Vinyl Sealed $75, or 150-Gram Black Vinyl Sealed $9 or Skyclad Cassette Sealed $5

VENDETTA!- (March 1992) Estrus 007 Vinyl & CD. Also available on Bubblegum Pink Vinyl w/ loose fitting shrinkwrap- VERY LIMITED! Tracks: Leave Me Alone / He's Telling You Lies / Vendetta / You've Got Me Cryin' / Only Think Of You / I Believe / Get Me Out Of Your Mind / Not Gonna Cry / Party Crashin' / Why Girls Cry / Heart of Stone / You're Alright / Never Let Go / See What You Got / Don't Call My Name / Too Late For Tears. Black Vinyl- Sealed $35 / CD- Sealed $25 / Pink Vinyl- Sealed $40 More Info

HITSVILLE- (June 1995) Dionysus Records- ID-123330. Vinyl & CD. Tracks: I Can't Believe / All The Time / In and Out / Won't You Tell Me / I'm Through / Don't Want You / Beat Girl / I Need Love / Gruesome Baby / Talkin' 'Bout You / I Know Why / Later Than You Think / It's A Mystery / My Baby's Gone / Since I Met You / Gamera. LP or CD Still Sealed- $12 More Info

BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THE BROOD- (March 2000) Dionysus Records- ID-123368. Vinyl & CD. Tracks: Don't You Stand In My Way / Got Love If You Want It / Want-A-Love You / Gonna Make You See / Lost Little Girl / You Lied / Pink Pussycat / Ain't That Love / Come On, Come On / I Love Him So / Keep Me Satisfied / Seven Days Of Cryin' / Never The Same / Your Body, Not Your Soul / And I Wonder / I Don't Need Your Lovin'. Cover Art by Shag (Josh Agle). LP or CD Still Sealed- $12
More Info



Let's Talk About Boys / Little Boy Blue / Shake & Shout (remix)- (April 1988) Primitive Records- PR-003 (Canadian) w/ Picture Sleeve. Both sides are Non-LP. 1000 pressed. Unplayed Mint $40 Rare!

I Need You There / You Got Me- (July 1988) Get Hip- GH-107 w/ Full Color Picture Sleeve. Non-LP B-Side. 1000 stock copies & 500 white label Promos. A few promos were pressed on Purple Vinyl. 200 Black Vinyl stock copies were repressed (Oct 1990) w/ mock 'Capitol Swirl' Labels. Black Vinyl $25, or Black Vinyl Promo $30, or Purple Vinyl Promo $40, or Swirl Label $30

Since He's Been Gone / You've Got Me Cryin'- (Feb 1990) Stanton Park- STP-014 w/ duotone Picture Sleeve. Non-LP A-Side. 2300 black stock copies plus over 200 white label promos. A few of the promos were pressed on Deep Red Vinyl. Black Vinyl $5, or Black Vinyl Promo $25 or Red Vinyl Promo $40 More Info

But You're Gone / You Don't Need Me- (Jan 1991) Get Hip- GH-131 w/ Picture Sleeve. Both sides are Non-LP. 1000 Stock copies pressed on Black Vinyl. 100 White Label Promos pressed on Blue Vinyl. Black Vinyl $15, or Blue Vinyl Promo $45

I'll Come Again / Knock On My Door- (Oct 1992) Estrus Records ES-735 w/ Picture Sleeve by Peter Bagge. Both sides are Non-LP. 1200 Black Vinyl stock copies plus 300 pressed on White Vinyl for Estrus Crust Club members, with an Estrus picture postcard of The Brood. Black Vinyl $12, or White Vinyl $25, or White Vinyl w/ Postcard $30 More Info



"Writing On The Wall"- (Aug 1986) The Deadly Spawn- Bona Fide Records- BFR-OD6X. Vinyl LP Only. Also released in Europe on Resonance Records 33-8601 Vinyl LP Only w/ different cover art & extra track by The Broken Jug. Cover art on each release by Stephen Blickenstaff. US LP Sealed $40 or European LP Unplayed Mint $50

"You Lied To Me Before"- (Dec 1986) The Sounds Of Now- Dionysus Records- ID-123305. Vinyl LP Only, No CD. A few hundred were White Label Promo. Sealed LP $45, or Promo LP Unplayed Mint $55

"Shake & Shout" / "Surfin' Eyeball"- (March 1987) Crawling From Within- 77 Records- Cat. # 77-01. Vinyl LP Only, No CD. Cover art by Charles Hall. (out of stock)

"Give It To Me"- (DEC 1987) Dimensions Of Sound- Mystery Scene Records- MS-1001. (Germany) Vinyl LP Only. (A few left. Write)

"One Winter's Night"- (Oct 1987) Midnight Xmess Volume 3- Midnight Records- MIR-LP-137. Vinyl Only LP w/ insert picturing The Brood. Cover art by Philippe Marcade.

"Let's Talk About Boys" / "How Many Times" (remix)- (Jan 1989) Let's Talk About Boys- Soon-To-Be-Rare Records- Sold Out-001. (Germany) 7" 33 1/3-RPM w/ 2 other bands. Stock copies on Black Vinyl M $25. 300 pressed on multi-color Vinyl M $40. More Info

"In & Out"- (Oct 1990) Estrus Lunch Bucket- Estrus Records- ESBX-1. Box set w/ handle, contains Three 7" 45-RPM Singles plus trading cards of the bands. 1500 hand-numbered, plus about 122 named. In the summer of 1991 1000 CDs were licensed to Dry Heat Records- DH-CD1. Cover art by Phil White. NAMED Box Set Sealed $75 Rare!

"Love Me Like Before"- (June 1994) Turban Renewal- Norton Records- ED-234. Vinyl or CD. Cover art by Drew Freidman. Vinyl comes as a 2-LP Set. Liner notes by Lenny Kaye. Unplayed Mint LP $65

"Come On, Come On"- (2000) Cavestomp! Vol 1- Cavestomp Records- CS-5001 CD Only. The Brood were the first band to play the now famous Cavestomp Garage Rock Festacular series. Recorded Live, 1997 at Coney Island High, NYC. Cover art by Frank Kozik. Liner notes by Peter Zaremba. Sealed CD $30 or promo CD $30


Fanzine Releases

"And I Know"- (Oct 1985) 99th Floor Fanzine #7 includes 7" Clear Blue 33 1/3rd RPM Flexidisc- 99FL-02 w/ The Brood / The Boys From Nowhere / Tell Tale Hearts / The Podz- All are Non-LP songs. Mint $40 More Info

"I Saw What You Did"- (Aug 1987) Tant Qu'il Y Aura du Rock #13- contains 7" Black Vinyl 45 RPM EP Titled: Lost In The Jungle, on Stop It Baby Records- SIB-03 (France) w/ 3 other bands. 48 page magazine has pull out centerfold to make the picture sleeve. Some mags have a tan color cover, some have a gold color cover. Mint $45

"Pink Pussycat"- (2000) The Continental Magazine #8- Cover art by Rip Thrillby of The Penetrators. Magazine contains exclusive 27 track CD ONLY release of various artists. Mag & CD (Not a CD-R) Mint $35

For a list of Fanzines in which The Brood appear,
please visit this link to the 'Searchin' For Shakes' Database.



"I Need You There" Live at The Rat on FROZEN GHOSTS (1990) 15 indie bands Skyclad / Ice World (Outlaw-77) VHS Only (Write)

"Surfin' Eyeball" as seen in the film "Lobsteroids". Director's cut available w/ time-code & bonus PBS-TV interview, plus edited Producer's cut available, with menus & extras. Both as a 2-DVD Set. More Info

Assorted Live Shows available on VHS or DVD-R - Write for availability Sample Live Brood clip: "I Know Why" 9418Kb Windows Media Player.


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Brood Related

"Relative Distance" bw/ "Till The Stroke Of Dawn" (1987) by the LADDS FROM BELLEVUE- 7" 45 RPM w/ Picture Sleeve (Chris Horne vocals) Stanton Park (STP-003) 1000 Stock copies pressed on Black Vinyl. 200 White Label Promos. "Till The Stroke Of Dawn" appears on NEW ENGLAND TEEN SCENE (CD Only compilation) Arf Arf (044)

"Janelle, Janelle" & "Punk Rock Girls" (Aug 1996) by THE QUEERS on their 'Don't Back Down' album (Chris Horne Farfisa organ) Lookout Records (LP/CD L-140) "Punk Rock Girls" also appears on Lookout VHS titled 'Turn On, Tune In, Lookout' (Jan 1998) Lookout (L-218)

"Pussy Summit Meeting" (1980) on the G. G. ALLIN album 'Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be' (Kristen Chalmers dialogue) Orange Records (777) also released on Blitz, Halycon, and Black & Blue

LIQUID SKY (1982) (Kristen Chalmers) Feature Film Directed by
Slava Tsukerman available on VHS & DVD from MTI Home Video

"A TRIBUTE TO IRVING KLAW"- (198?) Three B&W B&D Shorts filmed by Jordan Kratz- (Betsy Mitchell) VHS or DVD-R available

"THE MISKATONIC ACID TEST"- Cool no-budget underground film with Chris Horne as lead singer of fictitious group The Gyre FalconsMeet The CastMore InfoSong Clip This project is still in production.

SHUTDOWN 66- Local Surf Quintet (Chris Horne rhythm guitar) Assorted Live Shows available on VHS or DVD-R - Write for availability
Sample Shutdown 66 clip on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4t6m4K05y1c

Lady Kensington & The Beatlords


The Flipsides

11" x 17" collectible color Gig Poster w/ artwork by Jack Kirby & Mort Todd.
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