1 hour and 42 minutes Approximate Total Run Time.

This is an amazing compilation set of Soundies (Short musicals), very popular during the early-mid 1940's. They were viewed on video-jukeboxes located at various bars, diners, nightclubs & many other public places. Soundies were made to be seen on a self-contained, coin-operated, 16mm rear projection machine called a "Panoram". The film shorts were produced by various companies such as Minoco & RCM Productions, headed by FDR's son James Roosevelt; song writer Sam Coslow; as well as Herbert Mills, a pioneer in the development of arcade music machines. These are very catchy, fun and extremely entertaining. Soundies sometimes included cheesecake segments, striptease, burlesque routines, or shots of women in bathing suits, specifically intended to attract wartime military personnel on leave. A must see! Great for educational purposes, nostalgic memories, entertainment or anyone who is interested in rare soundie films. The various selections presented are:

Gags and Gals
(3 part soundie about gags and gals) 8:26

The Hut Sut Song
Four guys in a rooming house sing "The Hut-Sut Song") 2:44

Cassanova (Cassanova Soundie) 2:38

Lamp Of Memory
(directed by Reginald LeBorg, stars Yvonne DeCarlo, circa 1944) 2:47

Mexican Hat Dance
(In a totally surreal soundie, a Mexican Mariachi singer sings a lovely song to a pretty senorita) 2:01

Our Teacher (Features Henny Youngman, circa 1943) 2:42

Tica Ti Tica Ta
(features Ginger Harmon and the Mercer Brothers) 2:56

Hawaiian Hula Song ("ANA LANI" with Ray Kinney?) 1:51

Heaven Help A Sailor On A Night Like This
(An older, experienced sailor meets two young recruits in a bar) 2:35

A Little Robin Told Me So
(sung by the Three Canadian Capers) 1:57

"Snader Telescription - "Daddy"
(with Bobby Troup Trio and Virginia Maxey) 2:41

Same Old Story (Unknown singer) 2:21

A Jazz Etude
(danced by Billy Burt - circa 1941) 2:39

(with Harry Day and Della and the June Taylor Girls) 2:36

Hollywood Boogie
(Thelma White & Her All-Girl Orchestra, circa 1946) 2:32

Fiesta Soundie
(A peppy Mexican theme soundie) 2:48

Rambling Wreck from Georgia Tech
(The Gordonairs of Fred Waring's Pennsylvanians & The University Chorus) 2:05

Reg Kehoe & his Marimba Queens
(An amazing early '40s short by an "orchestra" of vibraphone players) 2:24

Havana-Madrid Show (featuring Maya's Pan-American Orchestra and Carlos and Zedra) 5:36

Zig Me Baby with a Gentle Zag
(features Gai Morgan & Danny Hocktor, circa 1941) 2:20

I Don't Want To Walk Without You
(featuring Kay Lorraine, Merle Pitt's Five Shades of Blue, and Frank Wilcox as the porter. Song originally from the Paramount Picture "Sweater Girl") 3:01

Sweet Sue (Just You)
(Features Six Hits & A Miss and the all-women Lorraine Page Orchestra) 3:09

Row Row Row
(song from the Broadway show "Ziegfeld Follies Of 1912" by William Jerome / James V. Monaco) 2:35

What This Country Needs
(performed by The Singing Powers Models, circa 1941. Features Jimmie Dodd of 'Mickey Mouse Club' fame) 2:34

Surrender (lyrics and music by Benjamin & Weiss) 2:31

Beyond The Blue Horizon
(performed by The Three Suns circa 1944) 2:21

In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town (Johnny Long) 2:25

(Written By: Mitchell Parish, Hoagy Carmichael) 2:47

Got To Be This or That
(Emil Coleman & His Orchestra w/ vocal by June Barton, circa 1945) 2:24

Lullaby of Broadway (The Mel-Tones) 2:41

One Look At You (Del Casino & His orchestra) 2:29

I Can't Give You Anything But Love
(Carolyn Marsh w/ Ray Bloch & His Orchestra, circa 1941) 2:42

Once In A While
(good circa 1941 'croon', sung charmingly) 2:52

Chime Bells
(Rosalie Allie yodels to her sailor boyfriend who is overseas during the war, circa 1943) 2:37

Who's Yehudi?
(The vocalist in this early 1943 soundie is Lane Truesdale performing a novelty song inspired by a running gag by Jerry Colonna from Bob Hope's radio shows. Colonna was ever in search of a mythical (and invisible) figure named 'Yehudi'. "Yehudi" soon became synonymous with anything hidden or invisible, and is said to have inspired a 'Project Yehudi' during W.W.II for the camouflage of ships & airplanes. The gag started after an appearance on Hope's show by the legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin) 2:49

Misc Soundie (vocalist plays two hits from 1937) 3:05