This being a British sex comedy, expect a lot of sexual humor and nudity. This classic comedy romp stars Britain's unrivaled sex symbol of the 1970s, Mary Millington, as the leader of a horde of horny girls who take over the running of a remote health farm where a pair of forgers are in hiding from the police. Includes such British comedy legends as Alfie Bass (of "Are You Being Served"); Bob Todd; Irene Handel; Norman Vaughan; Cardew Robinson; Henry McGee & Rita Webb (of "Benny Hill Show"); and the very famous photographer of glamour girls, George Harrison Marks, who also directed. This is a classic example of 70s British film erotica, and was the country's first full-frontal legal sex film, which had the "dirty mac" brigade flocking to Soho cinemas for more than a decade.

There is NO pornography in this tape, and the movie is rated "18" (equivalent to an R rating) for nudity and sexual humour and is for sale ONLY to persons 18 years of age and older. The video was digitally transferred to the NTSC format so that it will play on North American VCRs. It is the full length feature film, running approximately 90 minutes. The tape case is as pictured above. A rare find.