The theme of this ABC-TV summer replacement show was a fictional college summer school on Malibu Beach know as "Malibu U". It was a 1967 beach party hosted by "Ozzie & Harriet" TV star Rick (Ricky) Nelson as the dean. The show featured Australian vocalist Robie Porter, and The Bob Banas Dancers, featuring bikini clad girls known as the "Maulibeauties" (aka "The Malibuettes"). One of these dancers is none other than a very young Erin Gray, who went on to portray Wilma Deering on the popular 1980's sci-fi TV series "Buck Rogers In The 25th Century". Another dancer is the adorable bubbly blonde Patricia Wymer, who had a fleeting cinematic career as a drive-in exploitation starlet in the enjoyably trashy movies "The Babysitter"; "The Witchmaker" and "The Young Graduates". The dancer in braids is Denny Howard, and another dancer is Kam Nelson. Bob Banas became choreographer on "The Jonathan Winters Show" premiering December 1967 for two seasons.

Rick Nelson was billed as "the dean of the drop-ins" at Malibu U. Various celebrities appeared as "guest professors" delivering "lectures," which meant singing their numbers, usually on Malibu Beach. According to the lyrics of the theme song, performed by Harper's Bizarre: "All the students report to the dean of the school, his office is cool. It's a telephone booth at Malibu-U. He will tell you to work just as hard as you can, gettin' a tan at Malibu-U." There were a lot of shows that didn't go into re-runs in the '60's, but rather had other shows to replace them. "Malibu U" was a summer replacement for "Hondo", and ran from 7/21/1967 to 9/1/1967 Friday nights on ABC. A Robert E. Petersen production in association with Teen-Age Fair, Inc. Directed by Jack Shea. Milt Larsen & Bob Lauher were the show's comedy writers. There was a total of only 7 episodes. The shows available are presented here in Black & White and are all complete with original commercials.

Leonard Nimoy debuts "Bilbo Baggins" (complete version with "The Malibuettes"); Buffalo Springfield "Bluebird" (w/ Steve Stills & Neil Young); Engelbert Humperdinck "Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)"; Bobby Rydell "Volare" & "Dansero"; Mrs. Miller "Let's Hang On". Has UCLA statement & time-code. (7/28/1967)

James Darren "Georgy Girl" & "Didn't We?"; Harper's Bizarre "Anything Goes" & "Malibu U" (theme song); Frankie Randall "She Loves Me"; Rick Nelson "Moonshine"; Robie Porter "Rainbow Tree"; Includes one of George Barris' killer custom hot rods! (He built the Batmobile; Monkeemobile & The Munsters' Dragula & Koach). Has UCLA statement & time-code. (8/4/1967)

The Turtles "Happy Together" & "Do You Know What I Mean"; Lou Rawls"When Love Goes Wrong"; Lesley Gore "Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows"; Don & The Goodtimes "I Could Be So Good To You"; Rick Nelson "Suzanne On A Sunday Morning". The Bob Banas Dancers dance to "Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead". Series regular Robie Porter also appears. (8/11/1967)

The 5th Dimension "Up Up And Away"; The Sunshine Company Happy"; Roger Williams "Born Free"; John Astin comedy sketch.. Has UCLA statement & time-code. (8/18/1967)

The Doors "Light My Fire"; Marvin Gaye "Ain't That Peculiar?"; Chad & Jeremy "Distant Shores"; Lou Christie "(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me"; Robie Porter "Sure Good Loving You, Baby". The 'Big Daddy' Ed Roth bubble-top custom car 'The Road Agent' also appears. Has UCLA statement & time-code. BONUS: Jim Morrison outtakes... (8/25/1967)

The final show of the series, with The Breed "Green Eyed Woman"; Peter & Gordon "Sunday For Tea"; Dionne Warwick "Windows Of The World"; Sandy Posey "I Take It Back" (9/1/1967)


Malibu U Promo Pic