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Shivaree was a Los Angeles based 30-minute Shindig-styled music variety series produced weekly in black & white at the ABC Television Center in Los Angeles. At first, it was only broadcast locally on KABC-7 from its debut on January 23, 1965, to its 6th show airing March 6, 1965. After that, it ran in national syndication on the ABC Television Network, from show 7, airing March 13, 1965, to show 58, airing March 5, 1966. Then, it was again broadcast only on KABC-7 in Los Angeles from show 59 airing March 12, 1966 onward to the last episode, show 70 airing May 28, 1966.

Shivaree was created and hosted by LA's top all-night DJ, Gene Weed, who in later years became a producer for Dick Clark Productions. In its brief run, Shivaree featured numerous well-known acts & go-go dancers on elevated platforms behind the bandstand. Audience members surround the bandstand & also stand on the balcony behind the dancers, as often did the solo & duo performers. There are steps leading down to the bandstand where the featured groups play. The theme song for the show is "Diamond Head" written by Danny Hamilton of the T-Bones. The shows have an unobtrusive time-code unless otherwise noted, and are from the best video sources available.


SHIVAREE (9)- Chris Crosby "Only the Lonely" (not the Roy Orbison song); Jay & The Americans "Let's Lock The Door" & "The Good Times"; Melinda Marx (Groucho's daughter) "The East Side Of Town" & "How I Wish You Came"; The Uniques "Not Too Long Ago" & "Fast Way Of Living" (w/ Joe Stampley); Jackie Wilson "Baby Workout" & "Danny Boy". (3/27/1965)

SHIVAREE (10)- Donnie Brooks "I Can't Help Lovin' You" & "What'd I Say"; Bobby Goldsboro "Little Things"; Sonny & Cher "C'est Le Vie"; "Just You" The Standells "Big Boss Man"; "Come On" (aka "The Shake '64"); Mary Miller "Where's Johnny", plus another song which is cut short before the closing credits. (4/3/1965)

SHIVAREE (11)- The Hondells "Come On (Pack It On)" & "Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl"; Freddy Cannon "In The Night" & "Southtown, U.S.A."; The Dixie Cups "Chapel Of Love" & "Iko Iko"; Judy Hughes "Fine, Fine, Fine" & "Crazy For You"; Major Lance "Come See" & "Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um". (4/10/1965)

SHIVAREE (12)- Gene Chandler "Nothing Can Stop Me" & "What Now"; Jim Doval & The Gauchos "Uptown Caballero" & "Annie Ya Ya"; The Four Tops "Just Ask The Lonely" & "Baby I Need Your Lovin'"; Bobbi Martin "I Can't Stop Thinking Of You"; The Reflections "(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet" & "Poor Man's Son". (4/17/1965)

SHIVAREE (14)- The Human Beings (not the 'Nobody But Me' group) "Because I Love Her" & "Ain't That Lovin' You Baby"; Micki Lynn "Where Was I" & "Get Out Of My Life"; The Ronettes "Be My Baby" & "Is This What I Get For Loving You?"; Allan Sherman "Crazy Downtown" & "Drop Out March"; Jimmy Witherspoon "You're Next"; Timi Yuro "Get Out Of My Life". (5/1/1965)

Human Beings - May 1, 1965

SHIVAREE (17)- Eddie Hodges "New Orleans"; The Fabulous Echos "Cry, I Do For You"& "Candy"; Nino Tempo & April Stevens "Begin The Beguine" & "Thinking Of You"; The Moon Maids "There's A Cinder In My Eye" & "Twist & Shout"; Cher "All I Really Want To Do" & "Dream Baby". (5/22/1965)

SHIVAREE (19)- Jody Miller "Silver Threads & Golden Needles" & "Queen Of The House"; The Rolling Stones "Play With Fire" & "The Last Time"; Rick Lancelot "Heartbreak Train" & "Hoo Doo Man"; Esther Phillips "And I Love Him"; The O'Jays "Lipstick Traces" & "Girl Machine". (6/5/1965)

SHIVAREE (21)- Dino, Desi & Billy "I'm A Fool" & "So Many Ways"; Gerry & The Pacemakers "It's Gonna Be Alright" & "Ferry Cross The Mersey"; Gail Ganley "Runaway" & "Think I'm Gonna Cry"; James Brown "I Got You (I Feel Good)"& "Out Of Sight"; Aretha Franklin "I Can't Wait To See My Baby's Face" & "One Step Ahead". (6/19/1965)

SHIVAREE (22)- The Beau Brummels "Just A Little" & "Still In Love With You Baby"; Jackie Wilson"Shake! Shake! Shake!" & "No Pity (In The Naked City)"; Glen Campbell "Guess I'm Dumb" & "A Woman's World"; Margie Mills "All Of Me" & "Look Who's Crying On My Shoulder"; Lenny Welch "Darling Take Me Back". (6/26/1965)

SHIVAREE (23)- The Bobby Fuller Four "Let Her Dance" & "Another Sad & Lonely Night"; Bobby Rydell "Side Show" & The Joker"; The Crystals "Da Doo Ron Ron" & "He's A Rebel"; Ian Whitcomb "You Turn Me On" & "Too Many Cars On The Road"; Dobie Gray "In Hollywood" & "Mr. Engineer". (7/3/1965)

SHIVAREE (26)- The Dixie Cups "I'm Gonna Get You Yet" & "Two Way Poc A Way"; The Rolling Stones "Down The Road Apiece"& "Little Red Rooster"; Jimmy Witherspoon "I Never Will Marry"& "Love Me Right"; Vicki Gomez "Boys Are A Dime A Dozen"; Jerry Fuller "I Get Carried Away" & "What Happened To The Music". (7/24/1965)

SHIVAREE (27)- The Turtles "Almost There" & "It Ain't Me, Babe"; James Darren "Because You're Mine" & "Hand In Hand"; Slim Gaillard "Cement Mixer"& "Linda Cara"; The Kinks "Set Me Free" & "All Day & All Of The Night"; Evie Sands "Run Home To Your Mama" & "Take Me For A Little While". No time-code. (7/31/1965)

SHIVAREE (31)- The Leaves "Too Many People " & "Love Minus Zero"; Del Shannon "Keep Searchin'" & "Move It On Over"; Jackie DeShannon "What The World Needs Now" & "Should I Cry"; Gerry & The Pacemakers "Think" & "Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying"; Earl Dean Smith "Odds And Ends (Bits And Pieces)". (8/28/1965)

SHIVAREE (33)- The Great Scots "Don't Want Your Love" & "Give Me Lovin'"; Buddy Knox "Joanne" & "Don't Make A Ripple"; Mary Saenz "I Have Somethin' You Can't Get" & "Would She Do That For You?"; Gene Chandler "No One Can Love You" & "Good Times"; Ted Cassidy (in character from The Addams Family) "The Lurch". (9/11/1965)

Ted Cassidy as 'Lurch' - September 11, 1965

SHIVAREE (36)- The Castaways "Liar Liar" & "Sam"; The Shangri-Las "Give Him A Great Big Kiss" & "Right Now & Not Later"; Roy Head "Treat Her Right" & "The Apple Of My Eye"; Ethel Ennis "The Boy From Ipanema" & "I Got That Feeling"; The Dillons "Simple Way Of Living" & "Great Shakin' Fever". (10/2/1965)

The Shangri-Las - October 2, 1965

SHIVAREE (37)- The surf band The Surfaris perform "Hot Rod High" & "Don't Hurt My Little Sister". This is some of the only footage of the band! Other acts are Jerry Naylor "Leave Him" & "City Lights"; Little Anthony & The Imperials "I'm All Right" & "I Miss You So"; Barbara Mason "Yes I'm Ready" & "If You Don't"; Evie Sands "Take Me For A Little While" & "Run Home To Your Mama". (10/9/1965)

SHIVAREE (38)- Dobie Gray: "My Baby" & "Mr. Engineer; The Byrds "Turn, Turn, Turn" & "I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better"; Suzie Clark "Broken In Two" & Never Gonna Find Another"; The Toys "This Night" & "A Lover's Concerto"; Donovan "Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do?" (10/16/1965)

SHIVAREE (39)- The Turtles "Let Me Be" & "Your Maw Said You Cried"; Brenda Holloway "When I'm Gone" & "You Can Cry On My Shoulder"; The Spokesmen "Down In The Boondocks"& "For You, Babe"; Nancy Sinatra "So Long Babe" & "If He'd Love Me"; Sonny & Cher "I Got You, Babe". (10/23/1965)

SHIVAREE (42)- Mel Carter "Detour" & "My Heart Sings"; Vic Dana "What Now, My Love" & "Crystal Chandelier"; The Parfays (Girl Group) "You've Got A Good Thing Goin'" & "In The Beginning"; The Knickerbockers "Lies" & "The Coming Generation"; The Apollas (Girl Group) "You're Absolutely Right. (11/13/1965)

SHIVAREE (44)- Glen Campbell "Less Of Me" & "Universal Soldier" The Bobby Fuller 4 "I Fought The Law" & "Never To Be Forgotten"; The Grass Roots "Mr. Jones" & "Hitch Hike"; Dee Dee Sharp "Mashed Potatoes"; Dusty Springfield "Stay Awhile" & "Send Me Some Lovin'". A few minor glitches, but No time-code. (11/27/1965)

Dusty Springfield - November 27, 1965

SHIVAREE (47)- The Changin' Times "How Is The Air Up There?" & "The Pied Piper"; Gary Lewis & The Playboys "Everybody Loves a Clown" & "She's Just My Style"; Lulu Porter "Don't Live Your Life Through Me"; "Gotta Be With You"; Otis Redding "A Home In Your Heart"; "Respect"; Evie Sands "I Can't Let Go" & "You've Got Me Uptight". (12/18/1965)

Changin' Times - December 18, 1965

SHIVAREE (49)- Episode shot on the set of the "Never Too Young" TV series w/ Guests: The Bantams "Do You Love Me?" & "Twist and Shout"; Lou Rawls "Cold Cold Heart" & "Margie"; Dusty Springfield "Wishin' & Hopin'"& "Some Of Your Lovin'"; The M-Threes "When The Party's Over"; Simon & Garfunkel "We've Got A Groovy Thing Going" & "The Sounds Of Silence". No time-code. (1/1/1966)

The Bantams - January 1, 1966

SHIVAREE (50)- The Yardbirds "I'm A Man" & "Still I'm Sad"; Johnny Nash "Understanding" & "Let's Move & Groove"; Robie Lester "One Step Away From Heaven"; John Astin "Querida Mia"; Gene & Gare "Good Lovin'" & "Heartbreakin' Misery"; Billy Page "It's Pop". (1/8/1966)

SHAVAREE (51)- Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels "Jenny Take A Ride!" & "A Little Bit."; Margie Mills "Goodbye Boys, Goodbye"; Peter & Gordon "I Go to Pieces" & "Woman"; Brook Benton "Foolish Enough To Try", & "Mother Nature, Father Time"; The Fortunes "This Golden Ring" & "You've Got Your Troubles" (1/15/1966)

SHIVAREE (54)- The Knickerbockers "Lies"& "I Can Do It Better"; Glenn Yarborough "Baby, The Rain Must Fall" & "I've Been To Town"; Bob Banas & dancers "A Taste Of Honey"; Nancy Sinatra "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" & "As Tears Go By"; Ben Colder "Make The World Go Away" & "Sweet Chile". (2/5/1966)

SHIVAREE (55)- The Lively Set "Get Together" & "Walk On The Wild Side"; Al Martino "Spanish Eyes" & "Think I'll Go Somewhere & Cry Myself To Sleep"; Sue Rainey "Before The Rain"; "Now Is The Hour"; April Stevens & Nino Tempo "Bye Bye Blues" & "I Love How You Love Me"; The T-bones"No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)". (2/12/1966)

SHIVAREE (57)- Filmed outside at Malibu Beach w/ The Sunrays "Andrea" & "I Live For The Sun"; Lulu Porter "The Malibu Seal"; David Watson "How Much I Care"; The Bantams "Suzie Q" & "Follow Me"; Mike Clifford "Out In The Country" & "Countin'"; Christine Cooper"S.O.S"; The Bob Banas Dancers "Downtown" (2/26/1966)

SHIVAREE- The Best Of Shivaree- (musical acts from the TV show: Donnie Brooks (2); Sonny & Cher (2); Bobby Goldsboro; Standells (2); Eddie Hodges; Nino Tempo & April Stevens (2); Cher (2); Moon Maids (2); Jody Miller (2); Rolling Stones (2); Little Esther Phillips; O'Jays (2); Ronettes (2); Timi Yuro; Alan Sherman (2); Jimmy Witherspoon; Human Beings (2); Reflections (2); Gene Chandler; Four Tops; Jimmy Doval & The Gauchos; Jackie Wilson (2); Jay & The Americans (2); Uniques; Dixie Cups. Collected from different sources than the above individual episodes.


Gene Weed Hosts Shivaree