A great concept album containing a fine slew of emotional crying songs & tear jerkers, all about tormented romance, tragedy, heartbreak & miserable lonely nights alone! The pain & woe on these 50's R&B and mid-60's southern soul wailers, will have you too cryin' in your beer. These psychological breakdown ballads, and suicide letter moaners are guaranteed to tear you up! Hear: JOHNNY SAYLES "You Did Me Wrong"; DONOMAN & THE LAKETTES "Here Comes The Fool"; LITTLE TOMMY BROWN "Don't Leave Me"; CLIFF JACKSON & JELLEAN DELK (with The Naturals) "Frank, This Is It"; DON HOLLINGER "I Had A Nightmare"; BILLY GALES "Dreaming Of You", and "No Coming Back"; THE BLONDE BOMBER "I Am To Blame"; BILLY MIRANDA "Go Ahead"; FRANKIE BRUNSON "Ward 13"; RUBIN RUSSELL "Let It Ring"; TEXAS RAY "What's Come Over You"; THE FIVE ROYALES" I'm On The Right Road Now"; THE SHADOWS "There Stands The Glass"; NAPPY BROWN "The Right Time"; THE LEFTOVERS "Lonely, Lonely Nights"; and JOHNNY MAE MATTHEWS "That's When It Hurts". Tissues & cryin' towels NOT supplied! This is a LIMITED EDITION album, made in Europe. European LP's do not come with shrink-wrap, but this is pristine new unplayed MINT!