Bill Cosby Presents Badfoot Brown And
The Bunions Bradford Funeral & Marching Band

This album is a lost classic. It's an incredibly underrated very deep jazz-funk album. Cosby handles keys on this one. The whole album consists of 2 instrumental tracks, "Martin's Funeral" and "Hybish Shybish", which are both great. The standout track is "Martin's Funeral", about the death of Martin Luther King, and it has a very mournful feel that can really touch you. It has a slow and moody rhythm but kicks in with a great slow groove right from the start, then builds. Tribe Called Quest sampled "Martin's Funeral" for We Can Get Down. The bonus is that the second side "Hybish, Shybish" is also good, with an upbeat trippy kind of psychedelic soul-jazz feel, and provides a nice contrast to the A-side. The production is really unusual. The whole album has a very strange off-kilter sound to it, like it was recorded in a huge hall somewhere. I love it. Unfortunately, this album is very hard to find these days & has never been on CD. This is worth checking out, and goes to show that Bill Cosby (who plays electric piano here) was not just a comedian. This record was dedicated to the late Martin Luther King, Jr. On the inside cover, there's a long essay about how the assassination of King affected Cosby and how it eventually led to the title and recording of this album. This is an original 1971 LP on UNI Records (73080) and is pristine, STILL FACTORY SEALED!