BEAD GAME - Welcome

Solid, all-original psych rock that has prog & jazz leanings. Not real heavy sounding, but the musicianship is good enough & the compositions are interesting enough to appeal to fans of early prog or those who with more adventurous or eclectic tastes. A pretty rare Boston area LP. Selections are: Punchin' Judy; Lady; Wax Circus; Mora; Natural Song; Country Girls; Amos & Andy; Slipping. The group consists of: K. Westland Haag (rhythm guitar); John Sheldon (lead guitar); Jim Hodder (vocals & drums); R. (Robbie) Gass (Hammond organ); and Lassie Sachs (bass). Jim Hodder later joined Steely Dan, and keyboardist Robbie Gass later joined a commune and released a quasi-religious private press LP during the mid-70s. This is an original 1970 pressing on Avco Embassy Records (AVE 33009) and appears in overall beautiful MINT condition!