(1) Oh Darling (Take 26 from 1969. Different version than on Abbey Road LP) (2) Peace Of Mind (Allegedly recorded in June 1967 during the Sgt. Pepper recording sessions and found in the Apple trash can in 1970. Also known as "Candle Burns", NOT thought to be the Beatles. Opinion is that it is Apple band"Trash", or Syd Barrett (Pink Floyd). Yet another theory of this song is that it was actually done by a group called "The End" who were produced by Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones. The acetates were cut by APPLE, hence the confusion) (3) Blackbird (Acoustic demo with Paul & Donovan, probably during sessions for Mary Hopkin's "Post Card" album around December 1968) (4) Things We Said Today (BBC "Top Gear" aired on July 16, 1964) (5) Help (Demo version 1965 recorded with hand held recorder by a journalist in the studio) (6) Every Little Thing (outtake with allegedly George singing) (7) Penny O' Dell (This is listed as Wings in Nashville, June 1974. However, it isn't on any McCartney/Wings releases since, nor does it show up in any of his discographies. It doesn't even sound much like Wings. I can't tell if it's Denny singing, but it's an external recording of a studio playback, of a really good song, with an absolutely great ending)

(1) Imagine (Live version for "Salute to Sir Lew" ABC TV special June 13, 1975) (2) Simple Life (I LOVE MY SUIT) (Ringo's song for Simple Life leisure suits from Japanese TV 1977, with Davy Jones (Monkees) on backing vocals) (3) Bye Bye Love (rehearsal from George Harrison's appearance on SNL with Paul Simon, 1976) (4) My Carnival (Wings live at the Sea-Saint Studios, New Orleans, filmed by a local TV news crew and broadcast on the same evening) (5) Heather (rehearsal from White LP sessions with Paul & Donovan Leitch, 1968) (6) Her Majesty (Take 3 from 1969. Re-mixed version from Abbey Road LP. Notice the final chord, which is missing in the official release) (7) When Everybody Comes To Town - I'd Have You Anytime (George & Bob Dylan, recorded at Dylan's Woodstock home May 1st, 1970) (8) Bluebird - Moma's Little Girl - Michelle - Heart Of The Country (outtakes from taping for "James Paul McCartney", 1973)

The record jacket, labels and playing surfaces all appear in overall beautiful unplayed MINT condition!