B E A T L E S O N G S !

Novelty records began in the 1950's with "Dear Elvis" by Audrey, & the Buchanan & Goodman "Flying Saucer" break-in singles, and the trend has continued ever since. The Beatles generated at least 200 novelty records between 1964 & 1965, and even more after Paul McCartney's 'death' hoax, and their breakup - more than any group or event has ever produced. Collected here on this unique and impossibly rare full length album are such obscurities as: Buchanan & Greenfield "The Invasion" (an original period release); The Rutles "Hold My Hand", with Eric Idle of Monty Python fame and Neil Innes of The Bonzo Dog Band; The Carefrees "We Love You Beatles (UK girl group); Donna Lynn "My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut" (great!); Casey Kasem "Letter From Elaina" (Casey narrates the tale of how to steal a hug from George); Jack Nitzsche "Beatlemania" (a real obscurity by the Phil Spector sideman); The Qworymen "Beatle Rap" (a little known treasure); Peter Cook & Dudley Moore "L.S. Bumble Bee" (pre 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' controversy by the British comedy duo); Wild Man Fischer "I'm The Meany" (A Frank Zappa discovery); Allan Sherman "Pop Hates The Beatles" (clever satire); The Four Preps "Letter To The Beatles" (WOW! This is one twisted tune!); and Gary Usher "The Beetle" (Beach Boys co-writer penned this 'Slauson' style dance tune). Informative liner notes by Ken Barnes. This fantastic collection comes nicely packaged with the original artwork (reminiscent of Mad Magazine artist Jack Davis) by the amazing William Stout, which was quickly pulled back from distribution due to the controversy that arose from the depiction of Mark David Chapman. Recalled shortly after its release in 1982 by RHINO RECORDS (RNLP-803), most copies never even made it out of their warehouse, and most retailers complied with the return order. All the copies were then destroyed! THIS COPY IS STILL SEALED!!