THE BIG ITCH - Various Artists

Hey you twisters! Dig this incredible beatnik LP, containing 18 dance-a-rific ditties from America's rich musical past. Perfect for twisted twist parties, hear some of the coolest tunes ever recorded: Tom Kerry & the Rembrandts- THE BABYLON TWIST PARTY; Sur Royal Da Count & The Parliaments- SCREAM, MOTHER SCREAM; The Twilight- BOHEMIAN; Robin & The Batmen- BATSKINNER; The Hustlers- LINDA; The Ramrocks- PASHA; T. Valentine- DO THE DO; Bill Royal- CAFFEINE, NICOTINE, GASOLINE; Howlin' Banana- LEARN THAT PARROT TO TALK (Parts 1 & 2); Unknown Demo Artist- BLUE SUEDE SHOES (previously unissued); The Concepts- JUNGLE; Al Herda- FUZZY WUZZY; The Spacemen- RETRO; Baron Daemon & The Vampires- THE TRANSYLVANIA TWIST; Sur Royal DA Count & The Parliaments- SGT. RALPH YORE, USMC; The Zodiacs- ANOTHER LITTLE DARLIN'; and Instant Ralston- ROCK & MOLE. If you like primitive square-befuddlin' rock and stompin' bohemian frat-soul party rock with a twist, then this nutty album is for you! NOT available on any CD, you are sure to treasure this slab of pure vinyl pleasure. STILL FACTORY SEALED!