THE BIG ITCH - Various Artists

Dig this incredible monster Oom-Mow-Mow LP, containing 20 Songs from America's Rich Musical Heritage. Side One is the 'Bird Side', and consists of oom-mowers exclusively! Flip your wig to: Bobby Lee Trammell- TOOLIE FROOLIE (from a 1964 acetate titled 'The First American Beatle'); The Trashmen- BIRD '65; The Chord-R-Notes- LIVIN' THE LIFE (w/members of The Aquatones); Lindy Blaskey & The Lavells- PAPA OOH MOW MOW; The Dinks- NINA KOKA NINA; The Elite- ONE POTATO; The Elite- TWO POTATO; Del Tinos- PA PA OOH MAU MAU (with Cub Koda); Gregory Dee & The Avanties- OLDS-MO-WILLIAM; and The Torques- SURFIN' BIRD. Side Two is the 'Turd Side', and consists of these hot steamin' numbers that will wipe you out: Freddy & The Ravens- THE BIG ITCH; The Deacons- BALDIE BEAT; Arch Hall, Jr.- KONGA JOE; The Four Dimensions- SAND SURFIN'; The Society- NICOTINE FIT; Larry & The Loafers- PANAMA CITY BLUES '61; Glenn Mooney & The Ferraris- THE BIG SURF (super-rare pre-GoGo Farrari's); Andy & The Classics- WILMA; Trez Trezo- ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK; and King Uszniewicz & The Uszniewicztones- SURFIN' SCHOOL. If you like primitive & Stompin' Frat-Soul Rock, then this album is for you! Not available on any CD, this is a slab of pure vinyl pleasure that you're sure to treasure. Don't delay, buy it today! STILL FACTORY SEALED!