THE BIG ITCH - Various Artists

"Nobody said it was supposed to be good music" - Bill Haley

Hey you swingers! Dig this incredible LP, containing 18 Salacious Songs from America's Rich Musical Past. Hear some of the most outrageous rockers & sinful selections ever recorded: The Speckulations- HULU HOOP; DDT& The Repellents- THE FLY SWATTER; Duck Flowers- WICKED CHICKEN; Brenda Hanlon & The Batmen- CHRISTMAS PARTY; Los Saicos- DEMOLICION; Gene Jenkins- SHORT STUFF; Atilla & The Huns- MOJO COOLS; Connie Lingus- FU*K ME FOREVER; Yvon Bonneville- MONSIEUR JEAN; Charlie White Eagle- GET OFF MY CLOUD; The Deltrons- TONYA; The Deltrons- I FOUND MY BABY IN BAD AXE; The Shades- WALKIN' WANDA; Bill Spiller- HOT PANTS GIRLS; Ourselves- MONEY; Duck Flowers- OKEY DOKE; The Big Inners- ETHYMOIDITUS CUM POLYPOSIS; and Rick Kay & His Shades Of Today- RED MAN, WHITE MAN. If you like primitive jungle rock that makes Chaino sound tired - and if you like stompin' frat-soul rock that makes spring break look like a Sunday afternoon picnic, then this album is for you! Not available on any CD, this LP is STILL FACTORY SEALED!