THE BIG ITCH - Various Artists

Hey you wombats!! Dig this incredible cave stompin' LP, containing 20 super obscuro songs from America's vast, wild & rich musical heritage! Side One is the 'Dancin' Side', and consists of these bone crushing creations: Intro- BEDROCK TWITCH; Glenn & Christy- WOMBAT TWIST; Gary Shelton- The Trance; The Warlocks- TEMPER TANTRUM; Tommy Bee & The Juareztones- MEXICAN STRETCH; Joe & The Furies- WEASEL; The Three D's- GRAVEYARD CHA CHA; Wayne Sherwood- MOON STEP TWIST; The Triads- BACON FAT; and Jerry Clouston- CAVE MAN STOMP. Side Two is the 'Romancin' Side', and consists of these amorous ooh-mow masterpieces that'll have you girning with glee: Intro-McHale's Navy TV Cast- PAPA-OOM-MOW-MOW; Rex Johnson- DISCOMBOBULATED; Billy & Mickey-THE CREEP; Mad Mike & The Maniacs- QUARTER TO FOUR; The Fantastic Emanons- DUH; The Dinks- KOCKA-MOW-MOW (their follow-up to 'Nika-Koka-Nina'); Terry Teene- CURSE OF THE HEARSE; Vance Flowers- WETBACK; The Crew- THE JAGUAR HUNT; and T. Valentine- HELLO LUCILLE, ARE YOU A LESBIAN. This 'face-rakin' LP is NOT available on any CD. You are sure to treasure this slab of pure vinyl pleasure, STILL FACTORY SEALED!