THE BIG ITCH - Various Artists


Joe E. Ross was born in Manhattan. He left school at age 16 to become a singing waiter at the Van Cortland Inn, in the Bronx. When the cafe' added a girl dancer and singer Joe was promoted to announcer to which he added some jokes and became a comedian. Joe then turned burlesque comic on the Schuster circuit out of Chicago. In 1956, Joe worked at a night club in Miami Beach called Club Ciro. It was there that he was spotted by Nat Hiken and Phil Silvers. They were planning a show called "You'll Never Get Rich" and immediately loved Joe's comedic talent. He was hired on the spot, and cast as Mess Sgt. Rupert Ritzik. After the "Phil Silvers Show" ended, Nat Hiken went on to produce "Car 54, Where Are You?" and cast Joe in his most famous role as Patrolman Gunther Toody of New York's 53rd Precinct. On these shows, when he got excited, he would always begin a sentence by saying "Ooh! Ooh!", and when he was perturbed he'd exclaim "Do You Mind?". This proved so catchy, that the next logical step was to have him make a pop teen recording titled "Ooh Ooh", which he did. It didn't exactly burn up the pop charts, and is impossibly hard to find today. Fortunately, this album leads off with that priceless track, followed by THE ROCK-FELLERS- Orange Peel; BOB LEE- Wanted For Questioning; JOHNNY LITRELL- A Hard Day's Night (Beatle-MANIA from Ft. Worth, Texas with RONNIE DAWSON on drums); JIMMY KNIGHT- Crankshaft Sid; VLADIMIR & THE GRAVE DIGGERS- Vladimir Twist; MIKE FERN (Fernandez)- The Head Hunters; METROPOLITANS- Screaming Pt. 1; TOMMY HANCOCK- Tacos For Two; THE TREMOLONS- Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (all-girl group from Michigan, pictured on the back cover); BROTHER ZEE & THE DECADES- Sha Boom Bang; LARRY & THE LOAFERS- Panama City Blues '62; GEORGE ROSS & THE RED TOPS- Weirdsville; SLOUGH BOYS- Fried Chicken Baby (the flip side to "Surfin' On Cedar Lake"); TONY & THE RUNAWAYS- Komm' Mal Her; BILL JAMES & THE HEX-O-TONES- Voodoo Queen & The Medicine Man; ARCHIE PIER & THE RHYTHM AIRES- Tamales And Rock And Roll; and RON ROBBINS- Heartbreak Hotel (previously unissued version of the Elvis Presley hit). WOW! 18 demented tracks in all, and each one is more rare than the next. Not available on any CD, this rockin' LP ONLY release will turn your turntable into a treasure chest! STILL FACTORY SEALED!