THE BROOD - Hitsville

This third album of Brood songs create a tuff girl sound that ranges from fuzz-tone pounders to folk psych ballads to teen spirited bubblegum power pop. The 16 rockin' selections are: I Can't Believe (Zombies); All The Time; In And Out (Larry & The Bluenotes); Won't You Tell Me; I'm Through; Don't Want You; Beat Girl (movie theme); I Need Love (Dave Clark Five); Gruesome Baby (dedicated to Rat Fink & Big Daddy Ed Roth); Talkin' 'Bout You (Chuck Berry song ala The Remains); I Know Why; Later Than You Think; It's A Mystery; My Baby's Gone (cool New England sound); Since I Met You; and Gamera (based on the sci-fi film). Recorded by Erik Lindgren (Arf Arf Records; Mission Of Burma; Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic); Tom Hamilton (The Lemonheads); & Dave Kirkpatrick (The Lyres). Produced by Ken Kaiser (The Slickee Boys; Hopelessly Obscure; & Afrika Korps).
This nifty uptempo LP/CD is STILL SEALED!