THE BROOD - Vendetta!

The Brood are an all-girl 60's style garage band. Their tuff sound moves from fuzz-tone pounders to folk & psych ballads, to teen spirited power pop & bubblegum. The 16 selections on this, their second album are: Leave Me Alone (Lyres sound); He's Telling You Lies; Vendetta; You've Got Me Cryin' (cool New England Sound); Only Think Of You; I Believe; Get Me Out Of Your Mind; Not Gonna Cry; Party Crashin'; Why Girls Cry (Shangri-Las girl group sound); Heart Of Stone; You're Alright; Never Let You Go; See What You Got; Don't Call My Name; and Too Late For Tears. These songs were recorded by Erik Lindgren (Mission Of Burma; Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic; Arf Arf Records); Aram Heller (Dark Cellars; Ladds From Bellevue); and produced by Tom Hamilton (The Lemonheads), for ESTRUS RECORDS (ES-007). 'Pulp' style rear-cover art by Jay Piscopo. This out-of-print LP/CD is STILL SEALED!