The head bangin' riff-rock sound of BULL ANGUS draws influence not only from Led Zeppelin & The Jefferson Airplane, but are also reminiscent of Deep Purple; & Steely Dan; with the progressive jazzy overtones of Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention. These guys are just as good as any of the aforementioned, but remained virtually unknown. Headed by guitarists Larry LaFace and Dino Paolillo, they are joined by Geno Charles, Frankie Previte, Ron Piccolo, and Larry Venditti. Songs include: Run Don't Stop; Mother's Favorite Lover (Margaret); Uncle Duggie's Fun Bus Ride; A Time Like Ours; Miss Casey; Pot Of Gold; Cy; and No Cream For The Maid. There is no info on the outside of the jacket, just an great 'Trojan Bull' illustration by Dan Clyne. The lack of band or song info on the outer jacket probably resulted in the lack of sales. This original 1971 pressing is very obscure. It appeared briefly on MERCURY RECORDS (SRM-1-619). The vinyl appears overall beautiful near MINT!