CARRY IT ON - Joan Baez & David Harris

A soundtrack interspersing acoustic live performances by Joan Baez, with politically oriented dialog, much of which is spoken by her then-husband, activist David Harris, who also performs three of the songs. It's certainly one of the most obscure entries of her Vanguard catalog. The film was shot in a cinema verite format over a period of four months. Joan Baez offers interpretations of songs by Gram Parsons, Bob Dylan, Tom Paxton, Edwin Hawkins, Leonard Cohen, and Pete Seeger's "We Shall Overcome." Her cover of Aretha Franklin's "Do Right Woman, Do Right Man," however, ranks on the verge of 'Incredibly Strange' music, which must be heard to be believed. Selections are: Oh Happy Day; In Forty Days; Hickory Wind; The Last Thing On My Mind; Life Is Sacred; Joe Hill; I Shall Be Released; Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (with Jeffrey Shurtleff); Love Is Just A Four-letter Word; Suzanne; Idols And Heroes; We Shall Overcome; and the title track, Carry It On. With Richard Festinger on 2nd guitar. This is an seldom seen Original 1971 pressing on VANGUARD RECORDS (79313), for the film produced by Christopher Knight, in association with Folklore Productions. According to the Richard Hess "Vanguard Library" web page, there was substantial damage to the master tapes of this LP while in storage at Vanguard Records. Do NOT dispose of your vinyl copies, as this pressing is not possible for Vanguard to duplicate again. Here is your chance to own an original copy, STILL FACTORY SEALED!