CHRIS SQUIRE - Fish Out Of Water

When prog forerunners 'Yes' took a sabbatical after the release of the 'Relayer' album, to do a major rethink, bassist Chris Squires was the first one to release their solo debut LP. That each member eventually recorded an album worthy of release on Atlantic Records is of course another matter, but judged on Chris' lone solo album, it was a great idea if for only the title track "Fish Out Of Water". Squire put together a great band, including ex-Yes members Bill Bruford & Patrick Moraz, plus noted session players Mel Collins & Jimmy Hastings. In addition to piano duties, Andrew Pryce Jackman also provided the luscious orchestral arrangements. Jackman was previously in Squire's late sixties psychedelic outfit, The Syn. Squire himself took on all guitar duties, his distinctive bass is obviously to the fore. He also handled all vocal duties. The album contains the same majesty of Yes, with the added distinction of not sounding like Yes at all! "Hold Out Your Hand" energetic melody and pipe organ presage "Parallels" from the next Yes album. "You By My Side" is similarly melodic. Yet Jackman's arrangements flow each piece together, giving the side a fluidity not found in even the best Yes efforts. Moraz lends a hand (or two) to the instrumental section of the next track, "Silently Falling". Squire's twelve string sends the ending section into a hypnotic refrain. "Lucky Seven" has the simplicity of Fragile's best moments. Squire's bass soars over Brufords deft rhythm and Jackman's chiming electric piano. "Safe (Canon Song)" again goes for the symphonic, repeating an even longer fade than on the first side. The album was moderately successful, charting on both sides of the Atlantic (as did most of the solo albums). Yes' record breaking tour in the summer of 1976 would feature live renditions from each members solo albums. This is an Original 1975 pressing on Atlantic Records, with gatefold cover. Everything appears overall beautiful near Mint!