DEBRIS - Static Disposal

From Chickasha, OK comes this total obscurity, made in 1976. With Charles Ivey on bass with low frequency modulators, synthesizers, 'detonic guitar' on "Flight Taken", sequential screams, and marvelous moans. Plus, there is O. Powers on vibraharp, variable multi-stringed electronic exasperator coupled with various electronic special operations devices, B-flat coronet, vericose verbalizations, and gruesome groans. Johnny Gregg is on drums, and also provides visceral vocals, and gorgeous grunts. Assisted by Richard Davis on sax, organ, and 8" circular saw. With Dirk E. Rowntree on percussion, and 'Lizard King' on "Flight Taken". Deanna D. provides sensuous mouthings on "Female Tracks". This incredible Dada/punk/psych rarity was their only release, and is produced by Eunice. The songs are: One Way Spit; Female Tracks; Witness; Tricia; Boy Friend; Leisurely Waiting; Blue Girls; Tell Me; Flight Taken; and New Smooth Lunch / Manhattan. An incredibly rare Limited Edition production on STATIC DISPOSAL RECORDS (PIG-0000). Not for the fainthearted. This ORIGINAL 1976 PRESSING is beautiful pristine MINT with no bumped corners, and everything is STILL FACTORY SEALED!