FINCH - Glory Of The Inner Force

Considered by many to be one of the more overlooked progressive rock groups, Finch were a Dutch instrumental band that recorded three albums in the 1970s. The group consisted of guitarist Joop Van Nimwegen, keyboardist Paul Vink, Peter Vink (bass), and Beer Klaasse (drums). Combining symphonic progressive edge with a jazzy rhythm section (Hammond organ and Mellotron), the much lauded album, "Glory of the Inner Force", finds the group at their apex. Selections (with times) are: Register Magister (9:18); Paradoxical Moods (10.30); Pisces (9:30); and A Bridge To Alice (13:12). "Register Magister" is the track everyone loves, probably by virtue of being placed first, and it definitely rules, grabbing the listener with an aggressive guitar hook and leading one through a complex maze of powerful themes, melodies and solos. The second track, "Paradoxical Moods", is another favorite, as it is the most varied, not to mention an intense extended Hammond organ solo near the end. "Pisces" feature the aggressive solo work of Joop Van Nimwegen with a consistent tone, and has its moments, and then "Bridge To Alice", changes things up with some more spacey moody playing. One of the strong points of the band is their ability to switch between fast and slow sections during a song and make it flow smoothly. Nothing sounds forced or rough. Although their fellow countrymen, Focus, are better known, Finch play an extremely competent style of frenetic, yet melodic, instrumental progressive music based on the intense guitar/keyboard interplay, within complex instrumental themes. If you like Curved Air, John Cale, Yes, Camel, Hubert Laws, or Pink Floyd, then you owe it to yourself to check out the talents of Finch. This is an Original 1975 pressing on ATCO RECORDS (SD 36-124), and is STILL FACTORY SEALED!