And The Continental Kids
~ Sons Of The Beaches ~

These guys really know how to live it up. When they're not running around on the basketball court, they're out at the beach with their long boards waitin' for the surf to come up. Playing the radio & polishing their neat pin-striped hot rod cars are just a few other pastimes until it's time to get into the recording studio. Annette Funicello approved, the boys perform: Summer Means Fun (Steve Barri & P.F. Sloan song); Time Will Tell; Hot Summer Girls; It's A Summer Night; Come On, Let's Go; Good Times, Rock & Roll; I Wish You'd Dance; It's Hard (To Break The Ice); Rock 'N Roll Menace; and You Sat Right There, which was replaced by their hit Did You Boogie (With Your Baby) on later pressings. I have available the seldom seen original 1975 release on PRIVATE STOCK RECORDS (2012), or the later issue with the hit Did You Boogie (With Your Baby), but without cover sticker as pictured. Each LP appears in overall Excellent condition!