Before the White Stripes, the roots of the Detroit garage rock scene started with the MC5 and Iggy Pop & The Stooges, but while Iggy Pop was still rehearsing in the basements, the Detroit rock scene was being nurtured at a little club in Harper Woods called The Hideout, the first teen shack in Michigan to feature live music! The Hideout also had their own record label. While The Beatles were storming North America, the kids in suburban Detroit were eating up the rough and raw garage sounds coming out of this sweaty hall on Friday nights. The high-schoolers finally had a place to hang out, and local bands sprang up to make the scene. Bands like Doug Brown & The Omen, Pleasure Seekers, The Fugitives, and Mushrooms are more famous for spawning rock legends Bob Seger, Suzie Quatro, Gary Quackenbush (later to SRC), and Glenn Frey (The Eagles), but back in the mid-sixties they were just some of the local band members that graced the sweaty stage of the Hideout. In fact the cream band of the scene was the Underdogs, whose killer single names this superb comp, titled "Friday At The Hideout" which chronicles the recorded output of some of the bands that rotated across the stage of the Hideout from 1964 to 1967. There's a bit of history here, and a bit of celebrity, but more importantly there's a lot of fun in this ultimate sixties teen scene. Hear: Underdogs- Friday At The Hideout; Don't Pretend; The Man In The Glass; Get Down On Your Knees; Little Girl; Surprise Surprise; Doug Brown & The Omens-TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Friday); Youth And Experience; plus a special Norwest Lounge Radio Spot; Four Of Us- I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better; You're Gonna Be Mine; Pleasure Seekers- What A Way To Die; Never Thought You'd Leave Me; T.R. & The Yardsmen- I Tried; Henchmen- Livin'; Please Tell Me; Mushrooms- Burned; and The Fugitives- Friday At The Hideout. Fabulous sound quality and intricately detailed liner notes by Billy Miller fill a deluxe gatefold sleeve packed with rare photos. This is a must-have LP package. STILL FACTORY SEALED!