The liner notes call FUSE a very promising group, and no truer words were ever spoken! Guitarist Rick Nielsen, (fresh from filling in for Jeff Beck in The Yardbirds while they made arrangements to pick up Jimmy Page), and Bassist Tom Peterson, both went on as founding members of the wildly successful pop group, CHEAP TRICK. In this group, originally called The Grim Reapers, the multi-talented Rick also performs on the Mellotron, and Organ. Other band members include Craig Meyers; Chip Greenman; and Joe Sundberg. The songs were produced by Jackie Mills for Wednesday's Child Productions: Across The Skies; Permanent Resident; Show Me; To Your Health; In A Window; 4/4, 3/4; Sad Day; and Mystery Ship. The liner notes go on to say that "FUSE is move music. They'll make your blood rush, your head swarm, and your body dance. One cannot help but admire how musically tight and energetically organized this album is, nor their remarkable control in exerting such high voltage rock and roll in such a tasty array of instrumental extravagance and vocal savagery." Wow, now that's what I call liner note overload!! This is an ORIGINAL 1970 STEREO pressing on EPIC RECORDS (BN-26502), and jacket, labels & vinyl all appear in overall beautiful EXcellent condition!