The songs of Gallagher & Lyle have stood the test of time because they combine strong melodies with lyrics based on relationships and events with which so many people identify This album contains songs of a structure and simplicity deceptively difficult to achieve. Their story starts when they left Largs, near Glasgow in 1967 for London. They emerged after a year their dreams slightly the worse for wear - but not for long. The break came when they encountered Terry Doran and the embryonic Apple Music, the Beatles publishing Co. "On joining the ranks of Apple, we wrote from nine to five like any other job . . . . . . It was hard work but a great time to be around. Paul McCartney asked us to submit songs for Mary Hopkin and thus "Sparrow" became our first cover. Looking back, the decline of Apple was a tragedy but, the experience gained there gave us an invaluable "grounding" in the art of songwriting."

In 1960 Tom McGuinness and Hughie Flint were forming a new band and, on meeting Benny and Graham, it was obvious there was a chemistry between them. The success of the two singles "When I'm Dead And Gone" and "Malt And Barley Blues", brought pressure to capitalize on that success at the expense of the music, something they all felt they were not prepared to do. So, the band split-up in 1971. "We stepped back, took stock of our lives, recorded our first album, as a duo, for Capitol and took to the "road" working the college and club circuit . . . . And by 1973 we had enough material to record another album."

The rights to that album, "Gallagher & Lyle" were bought by A&M Records, who had signed them in 1972. This was followed by "Willie And The Lapdog" and "Seeds" in 1973. The band on tour continued to grow, both in size and popularity. In 1974, having just recorded "How Come" and the ensuing album with Ronnie Lane and The Slim Chance Band, Gallagher & Lyle released "The Last Cowboy". The resulting tour saw the line-up increase yet again to include a fourteen piece string section .... But echoes of the McGuinness-Flint situation re-emerged so it was back to writing through most of 1975.

"We virtually gave up "the road" at that time, with no regrets, we believed in melody regardless of fashion and it paid off. The luck was that we were prolific in our writing during the seventies; a very "open" decade in musical taste." The result was the classic "Breakaway" album with the hits "I Wanna Stay With You", "Heart On My Sleeve" and "Breakaway". "We consider that "Breakaway" contained some of our best songs and it was gratifying to have this confirmed by the success of the album. It established us not only as performers, but as songwriters - our original dream back in Largs in 1967".

This is an original 1976 pressing on A&M Records (SP-4566) and is STILL FACTORY SEALED!