GEMS Volume 1 - Girl Group Anthology

20 Original Songs of Love and Heartbreak
Featuring the classic 60's Girl Group Sound!

Don't miss this unique collection of songs from the sixties, featuring some of the most obscure girl groups and female artists of that time. Twenty different artists and titles in one neat volume.

The Pussycats "I Want Your Love"; The Honey Bees "You Turn Me On Boy"; The Fortune Cookies "A Girl In Love"; The Rev-Lons "After Last Night"; The Angels "Wow Wow Wee (He's The Boy For Me)"; Alice Wonderland "He's Mine"; Diane Renay "Watch Out Sally"; Christine Quaite "Mr Stuck-up"; Little Eva "Takin Back What I Said"; The Halos "Do I?"

Noreen Corcoran "Love Kitten"; The Good Girls "I'm In The Mood For Love"; The Pin-Ups "Lookin' For Boys"; Hedy Sontag "He Never Came Back"; The Three Bells "He Doesn't Love Me"; The Short Cuts "Don't Say He's Gone"; The Cinders "I'll Follow You"; The Candies "I'm Only Making It Easier For You"; The Love Exchange "Swallow The Sun"; The Butterflys "Good Night Baby"

If you like the classic early 60's girl group sound done in the spirit of a great Phil Spector production, then you'll love this record! Never issued on CD, this is a limited edition vinyl LP with a double faced cover, and is STILL FACTORY SEALED!