GEMS Volume 2 - Girl Group Anthology

20 Original Songs of Teenage Romance
Featuring the classic 60's Girl Group Sound!


Twinkle "Ain't Nobody Home But Me"; Marie Ann "High Heel Shoes"; Linda & The Del Rios "Come On, Let Me Try"; The Juliettes "I'll Be Forever Loving You"; The Reasons "Silly Boy"; The Tammys "Part Of Growing Up"; The Trinkets "Fisherman"; The Hollywood Jills "He Makes Me So Mad"; Yolanda & The Charmanes "There Oughta Be A Law"; The Kittens "Don't Let It Happen Again" (Larry Finnegan of 1962 hit "Dear One" fame producing his 2 sisters)


Valentine & The Sweethearts "Lipstick And High-Heel Shoes"; The Petites "Is Thirteen Too Young To Fall In Love?"; The Parlettes "Because We're Very Young"; The Emeralds "I Wanna Make Him Mine"; The West Winds "You're Lookin' At My Guy"; Shona & The Party Lights "Miracle Maker"; Ginger & The Chiffons "Where Were You Last Night?"; Baby Jane & The Rock-A-Byes "Half Deserted Street"; Trilons "I'm The One"; The Significant Other "What Is The Reason?"

If you're a fan of the classic 60's girl group sound, done in the spirit of a great Phil Spector 'Wall Of Sound' production, then you'll love these 20 Original Songs Of Teenage Romance! Don't miss this unique collection of songs from the sixties, featuring some of the most obscure girl groups and female artists of that time. Twenty different artists and titles in one neat volume, with a double faced cover. Long out-of-print, this LP is STILL FACTORY SEALED!