GIRLS IN THE GARAGE - Various Artists

There are some great girl group rarities on this LP. There are bands from Sweden, Germany, England, France, and of course the USA, including a killer unreleased track from those San Francisco hippie chicks, ACE OF CUPS "Grass Is Always Greener" (I'm in love with the Rolling Stones cuz their grass is always greener). Also on board are: THE LIVERBIRDS "Diddly Daddy", and "Why Do You Hang Around Me"; THE PLOMMONS "Last Train To Liverpool"; LUV'D ONES "I'm Leaving You", and "Yeah, I'm Feeling Fine"; LAURIE "Everyone Will Know"; THE TONE BENDERS "Little Black Egg" (The Nightcrawlers classic); LAS DILLY SISTERS "Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White" (The Standells classic); JEAN & THE STATESIDERS "Putty In Your Hands" (Preceded The Yardbirds version); JACQUELINE TAIEB "7:00 AM" (English version); MANDY & THE GIRLFRIENDS "Straight Shooter", and "Money"; PATTI'S GROOVE "It Won't Last Too Long"; and THE HEARTBEATS "Cryin' Inside" (Texas rarity of Mouse & The Traps song). Pictured topless on the cover are The Ladybirds. These are some of the coolest & rarest tracks you will find on one LP, and comes complete with info packed liner notes and pictures of several groups. This seldom seen LP is STILL SEALED!