HIPSVILLE 29 BC - Various Artists

Simply put, this LP is....strictly HIPSVILLE! If you don't already own this genius collection of top shelf sixties garage band goodies, what are ya waitin' for... Christmas? Get a load of these awesome ace selections: THE MOTIONS- Land Beyond The Moon; DANNY'S REASONS- Little Diane (a hit song for DION & The Belmonts); THE VAGRANTS- Those Eyes, and I Can't Make A Friend (featuring Leslie West, later to reached new heights w/the prog group Mountain); THE WHATNOTS Morning; THE GUYS WHO CAME UP FROM DOWNSTAIRS- Growth; THE COWSILLS- All I Wanta Be Is Me (This rarity predates their string of Bubblegum Hits); LUKE (Gibson) & THE APOSTLES- Been Burnt; THE FANTASTIC DEE-JAYS- Get Away Girl, and Fight Fire (a pre Creedence hit for John Fogerty & The Golliwogs); NICK D'ANGELO & THE FARMERS- Zeppelin Man; JOHNNY & THE NITE RYDERS- I Had A Girl; THE PRODIGAL- You Got Me (The Beach Boys first producer, Bruce Morgan, twiddles the knobs on this one); THE HANGMEN OF FAIRFIELD COUNTY- Stacey; PLUS, the title track by THE SPARKLES- Hipsville 29 BC (I Need Help); and last but not least, BEAVER & THE TRAPPERS- Happiness Is (lead singer, JERRY MATHERS of TV's 'Leave It To Beaver' fame). This fine collection of solid sixties wombat whomp will send you straight to Hipsville!! This LP ONLY release (no CD issued) is STILL FACTORY SEALED!