"Isle Of View"... say those words out loud, real fast and they morph into the lovely phrase... "I love you." Jimmie Spheeris loves humankind. For all our follies and foibles, he believes that all people are very special. His debut LP, Isle of View, made him the subject of a rabid cult following. Jimmie Spheeris' followers swore up and down that he deserved to become as famous as Neil Young, Jackson Browne, or even Gerry Rafferty... and in a perfect world, he would have been much better known in that singer/songwriter field. But, when this sensitive and contemplative debut album first came out, it was hardly a big seller. Acoustic-oriented selections like "I Am The Mercury," "For Roach" and "The Nest" are superb, and hold up well to the test of time! Spheeris is an expressive, charismatic vocalist, with a very poetic quality, and the more you listen to these songs the more you get out of them. Also included are: Monte Luna (the inspiration for the cover art); Seeds Of Spring; Long Way Down; Let It Flow; Seven Virgins; Come Back; and Esmaria. Additional musicians include: David Campbell (Areosmith, etc); David Harowitz; Emile Latimer (Richie Havens); Geoff Levin; Lee Calvin Nicoli; Buddy Salzman (Eric Weissberg, Lou Christie, Tim Hardin, The Cyrkle); and Bill LaVornia. Produced by Johnny Pierce, Tim Geelan & Paul Leka (Steam, The Lemon Pipers, REO Speedwagon, Harry Chapin). A CD of this album came out in 1998 but it was remastered, and fans were disappointed, thus it is no longer in print. Jimmie Spheeris fans & collectors prefer the original LP, if you can find one! Well, your search is over... This is an ORIGINAL 1971 pressing on COLUMBIA RECORDS, (as evidenced by the catalog prefix & number C-30988). The mastering & sound is second to none! The record jacket appears in overall Excellent condition, and the playing surfaces appear in beautiful MINT condition!