JUNGLE EXOTICA - Various Artists

This is a wild & untamed record of crazed combos from the late 1950's & early 1960's in their attempts at Exotica. Hear haunting native BONGOS, ape noises, fake oriental chants, moans, and maracas by such bizarre Chaino inspired one-shot obscurities as: BABY STICKS & THE KINGTONES "Pigmeat"; THE ENCHANTERS "Cafe Bohemian"; DIABLITO "The Jungle"; THE REVELS "Conga Twist"; THE MAJESTICS "Oasis"; THE PEEPLE "Hi Yo Camel"; GUITAR GABLE "Congo Mombo"; J.C. DAVIS "Monkey"; THE EMANONS "Calypso Bop"; DEL SAINTS "Tarzan"; HULLY GULLY BOYS "Yabby!"; GAYLADS "Ah So"; CONTINENTAL COUSINS "Kana Kapila"; GANIM'S ASIA MINORS "Daddy Lolo"; MEDALLIONS "Carachi"; NOCABOUTS "Jungle Safari"; KOOKIE JOE "Kookie Limbo"; CHEROKEES "Uprising"; and JAN DAVIS "Snow Surfin' Matador", and "Watusi Zombie". Turn your bachelor pad tiki bar into a swank congo play pen with this savage jungle-rock LP! STILL FACTORY SEALED!