THE KOPTERZ - Sunnyside EP

The Kopterz have been an integral part of the New England music scene since the early 1980's combining melodic and harmony based pop music with hard driving rock & roll. Joe Brien, Joe Petty, Joe Donovan and Pete Webber have been playing together since the 1970's in high school and there after. The Kopterz first record was released as a 45 rpm in 1982 which included "The One That Got Away" bw/ "Your All I Need". The record garnered favorable reviews with some comparing The Kopterz to the early Hollies or The Choir. This is their next release, from 1984, simply entitled The Kopterz. It went to press as an EP and includes the pop radio hit "Sunnyside" along with the edgier "Walk Away", and a reggae tune called "Me Or You". In addition the record is noted for their great cover of the 1965 Beatles song "And Your Bird Can Sing". The disc was well received and "Sunnyside" was named song of the week twice on local radio station WMGX. In December 1986 The Kopterz released a full length LP entitled 'Dancin' Disorder' The album featured 15 songs mixing pop sensibilities with a rock& roll attitude delivering the most diverse collection of songs The Kopterz had released to date. Ballads like "The Fall" and rockers like "Telling You" and "3-D" began popping up across the airwaves. With 'Dancin' Disorder' flying high in 1987, The Kopterz shared the stage with many well known performers, including Concrete Blond, The Long Riders, Robin Lane & The Chartbusters, Jon Butcher Axis, and Gene Clark. Released on their own label, Broken Records, you can get the 15-song "Dancin' Disorder" still factory sealed or in beautiful Mint condition. Either copy comes with a rare ticket to the record release party for this album. The 12" 4-Song 45-RPM EP also appears in overall beautiful Mint condition!