LAS VEGAS GRIND - Wild Burlesque!

Hey you swingers! Here is a jumpin' no holds barred 21 song comp of the wildest steamin' drink mixin' bump & grind 1950s strip tease honk and hoot, guaranteed to make your next swap party a 'sin-sational' success! This mixture of mostly instrumentals and a few jazzy bebop vocals, will turn you into a hi-ball drinkin' cad. If you like eye popin' beehive tassel twirlin' cuties takin' it off to the sounds of greasy R&B strip joint wailers, then this LP is for you. This is real authentic strip club music from the original groups who perfected it: THE SWINGERS- Night Walk; RHYTHM KINGS- Don't Sweat The Small Stuff; THE PLAYBOYS- Charge It; REGAL-AIRES- It; THE FLINTALES- D-Rail; THE BIKINIS- Bikini; CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA BAND- First Rhapsody For Knives, Forks & Spoons; THE JETS- Scoot; QUE' MARTIN- Work With It; THE SPARKLERS- Bloodhound; CHAINO- Rockin' Bongos, The Chase; JIMMY OLIVER- The Sneak; THE FOUR INSTANTS- Bogatini; JAGUARS- Drive-In; HOUND DOGS- Beach Girl; BIG BOB DOUGHERTY- Squeezer; RONNIE & THE RAINBOWS- Loose Ends; THE GRAVESTONE FOUR- Rigor Mortis; THE 50 MILERS- The Grunt; RICHIE & THE SQUIRES- Beat Party. Don't pass up this steamin' series of intoxicated exotica. This copy is STILL SEALED!