LAS VEGAS GRIND - Sleazy Cheesy Bad

Hey you swingers! Here is a boffo no holds barred 20 song compilation of the wildest steamin' drink mixin' bump & grind strip tease honk & hoot, circa 1950's early 1960's. Guaranteed to make your next swap party a 'sin-sational' success, this mixture of mostly instrumentals and a few jazzy bebop vocals, will turn you into a hi-ball drinkin' cad. If you like eye popin' beehive tassel twirlin' cuties takin' it off to the sounds of greasy R&B strip joint wailers, then this LP is for you. This is real authentic strip club music from the original groups who perfected it: THE ZIRKONS "Congawa"; DYNA-SORES "Jungle Walk"; BOB TAYLOR "After Hours"; BUDDY MILLER "Teen Twist"; BOB CALLAWAY "Native"; "VALIANTS "Don't Wanna Leave De Congo"; JAMES HOLLOWAY "Ala Carte"; JESTERS "Peter Gunn Twist"; THE PHANTOM "Last Ride": KEN WILLIAMS "Trashcan"; CRESCENDOS "Countdown"; WILDTONES "Shut-Ups"; YOUNGSTERS "Zebra"; TIC & TOC "Jibba Jab"; GROOVERS "Groovy"; TARANTULA GHOUL "King Kong"; SINGING DOGS "Rock & Roll"; CASUAL-AIRES "Thunderbird"; JOHN & JACKIE "Little Girl"; and the GENTEELS "Take It Off". Don't pass up this steamin' series of intoxicated exotica. This copy is STILL SEALED!