LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS - Freeform Patterns

Legendary Blues giant Sam Lightnin' Hopkins got swept up in the psychedelic music scene of his native Texas and recorded these at International Artists, a recording studio owned & operated by Lelan Rogers, Kenny Rogers' brother. International Artists was making their mark with a string of young acid-drenched groups from the area, including Roky Erickson & The Thirteenth Floor Elevators. Their success with Lelan, and their love of blues music led to their backing Lightnin'' Hopkins on these historic recordings: Mr Charlie; Give Me Time To Think; Fox Chase; Mr. Ditta's Grocery Store; Open Up Your Door; Baby Child; Cooking's Done; Got Her Letter This Morning; Rain Falling; and Mini Skirt. The excitement & vitality of these 1960's recordings remain undiminished by the passage of time. Lightnin' is the master storytelling bluesman, singer, & guitarist - a folk bard of uncommon gifts, heard here at the apex of his abilities. As one of the most gifted natural poets of the blues, Lightnin' was also prolific. From traditional Texas blues to unremittingly creative songwriting Lightnin' Hopkins has enriched American music. With musical backing by The Thirteenth Floor Elevators, the psychedelic slant presented here is something not often found among traditional blues artists. This uncommon CD release, with tiny bb-hole in the upper right corner, is STILL SEALED!