Various Rock N' Blues Soul Artists

EEEYOW! This jumpin' heap of howl & hoot will absolutely have you beside yourself as you tear up the dance floor! Your neighbors are gonna be bangin' on the pipes to have you turn UP the volume! Just invite them over for some all out frantic up-tempo screech & hollerin', starting off with none other than: BUNKER HILL "The Girl Can't Dance"; BIG JAY MERCER "Bermudas"; REX GARVIN "Oh Yeah!"; GUITAR CRUSHER "The Monkey"; BOBBY LONG & HIS SATELLITES "Mojo Workout" (Bobby Byrd of Bob & Earl fame, aka Bobby Day. Had a hit with Rockin' Robin); BOBBY LEWIS "Fire Of Love"; L.C. McKINLEY "Nit Wit"; THE NIGHTRIDERS "Looking For My Baby"; LOUIS JONES "Rock'N'Roll Bells"; CONTINENTALS "Don't Do It Baby"; PREMIERS "Run Along Baby"; SAMMY FITZHUGH "Sadie Mae"; and KING COLEMAN "Loo-Key Doo-Key". PLUS you get these Exclusive additional tracks that do not appear on any CD version of this record: CHAMPION JACK DUPREE "Shim, Sham, Shimmy"; ANDRE WILLIAMS "Don't Touch"; JOLTIN' JOE HOWARD "Searchin' For My Baby"; PIANO RED "Wild Fire", and "Right And Ready"; JERRY McCAIN "Run Uncle John"; and BIG MAYBELLE "That's A Pretty Good Love". There's 20 hot tracks, STILL FACTORY SEALED!