During the late 1960s, the duo of Roland Antonelli & Joseph Ransohoff, known as Milkwood Tapestry, was a mainstay on the New York City rock circuit. Their musical style equally looked to British Isle folk bands such as The Incredible String Band and Fairport Convention, as well as acid rock bands like the Jefferson Airplane and Jethro Tull. They somehow successfully pulled off an intriguing balance between the two diametrically opposed styles. At one of their Greenwich Village performances, they met Donovan's manager who in turn arranged an audition for the pair before a group of Metromedia record executives. They were signed on the spot and by 1969, Antonelli & Ransohoff had entered the studio to record this progressive LP, simply titled Milkwood Tapestry. This was their one & only release, complete with its flourishes of medieval minstrel hippie instrumentation and Elizabethan era Baroque lyricism, all adding to a patina of delightful guilelessness, rustic charm, and a certain childlike whimsy. Sometimes the music take a harder edge, with psychedelic overtones, fuzz guitar solos, acidic ebbs and flows, dark turns of melody, and wildly manic vocals from Ransohoff. "Beyond The Twelve Mile Zone" and "Signs of the Invisible Chalk" are prime examples, rising to and then retreating from electric crescendos before frantically bubbling again just before dramatic halts. "Journey-Less Ride" is also an excursion into exceedingly trippy territory, while "The Window Sill's Song" is positively Left Banke-caliber in its stateliness and mod pop flower power overtones. The rest has a certain heady, swirling quality that makes consistently wonderful listening. Selection (with times) are: Beyond the Twelve Mile Zone (2:34); Wonderous Fairy Tale (3:31); Window Sill's Song (2:18); Signs of Invisible Chalk (5:24); Sunday Raindrops (2:58); Journey-Less Ride (3:38); Seas of Marshmellow Bees (2:28); Look at the Children (3:28); Tockless Time Morning (3:20); Pink Painted Butterfly (3:08); Sunshine Castles (4:05); Purple Side of Sunset (3:05). Produced by Manny Kellem (King Curtis; Sir Walter Raleigh; Jack Scott; others). This is one of the first sessions engineered by Tony Bongiovi, who later went on to produce Jimi Hendrix; Ozzie Osbourne; Aerosmith; The Ramones; and many, many others). If you like the Forest LP (on Harvest Records from the same year), then you'll want this seldom seen Original 1969 pressing on METROMEDIA RECORDS (1007), with gatefold cover. There is a some minor color rubbing to the all black cover, but all the seams are intact & is in overall Excellent to near Mint condition. The record labels are bright & clean. The playing surfaces are also bright & clean, and appear in overall beautiful EXcellent condition!