PUFF was the 1969 extension-group made up of former members of the long-standing and much-admired Rockin' Ramrods. With songs written by founding Ramrods leader Ron Campisi, Puff featured bass guitarist-vocalist David-Allen Ryan (later of Sha Na NA), and jazz flutist / keyboardist Jim Mandell, along with Robert Henderson, drums, and Ron's brother Vin Campisi on lead guitar. The sound of the group was a marked departure from the Rockin' Ramrods. It was softer, more experimental, and for the first time introduced jazz, blues and classical themes into their music. Although the lyrics by Ronn Campisi (written during the early, middle and late stages of his groups) were set against different musical idioms, there was always one thematic-constant of kid's dreams, adolescent desires & growing up. Puff often played at the Brewer Auditorium in Brewer, Maine. One of the great things about the band is the way it took over the room, always seizing home-court advantage. Hearing Puff at the Brewer Auditorium seemed much like attending a show in a Boston music hall or discotheque. I suppose Puff's album may be a period piece for many, considered an offering from a time capsule of the psychedelic-era; but for me it's one of the better Bosstown recordings from Alan Lorber Productions. The selections are: Dead Thoughts Of Alfred; Rainy Day; Vacuum; Walk Upon The Water; Who Do You Think You Are; Of Not Being Able To Go To Sleep; When I Wake Up In The Morning; Trees; It's My Way; I Sure Need You; Go With You; Changes. This is an original 1969 Stereo pressing on MGM (SE-4622) with a promo yellow DJ label. Promo records are the first few to be pressed from the freshly cut masters, and therefore sound the best. They are given special labels and distributed only to selected radio stations, thereby making them desirable to collectors. The record jacket has radio station call letters WMPG written on the front cover, which also shows a moderate amount of color rubbing. There is a 4.5" separation to the lower right edge, as well as some general edge wear. Overall the jacket is somewhat shelf worn, but appears overall in Very Good condition. The Yellow promo labels have some slight minor spindle marks, but are otherwise clean with no writing. The record playing surfaces appear in overall near EXcellent condition. Also available are two regular stock copies of this release. On one of them, the cover in near EXcellent condition with a 3" botton center seam separation. The vinyl appears in near MINT condition. The other one has a jacket in MINT condition , and the vinyl is also MINT!