The Quill Records Story is a killer retrospective of the Chicago rock scene from 1965 to 1969. Compiled with the full cooperation of Quill label owner, Peter Wright, this amazing CD also features authoritative liner notes, detailed recording information & previously unpublished photos. A number of the bands represented here, including The Night Flight and Ronnie Rice & the Gents, eventually contributed members and tunes to the New Colony Six, while the Exceptions boasted future Chicago bassist Peter Cetera. The 25 various Chi-Town selections are: THE EXTERMINATORS- Voo-Doo; Declaration Of Independence; THE RICOCHETTS (Bobby Vee's sons)- Losing You; CHANCES R- I'll Have You Cryin'; RONNIE RICE & THE GENTS (pre New Colony Six)- Warm Baby; La-Do-Da-Da (both First-time in Stereo); THE HIGH-SCHOOLERS (girl group)- The Graduation Song; THE PROPER STRANGERS- One In A Million; Joyce; JIMMY WATSON & THE ORIGINAL ROYALS- I Wanna Do It; A Heart Is Made Of Many Things; THE EXCEPTIONS-(pictured on front: Peter Cetera- later of the band Chicago (Chicago Transit Authority); Jim Nyeholt who replaced Marty Grebb- of The Buckinghams; Jim Dondelinger- later to Aorta; & Billy Herman- later of The New Colony Six) As Far As I Can See (First-time in Stereo); Business As Usual; THE RIDDLES- It's One Thing To Say; THE COMMONS LTD- I'm Going To Change The World; THE DELIGHTS (Chicago's answer to The Zombies)- Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Moment (First-time in Stereo); Just Out Of Reach; THE PROPHETS- Yes I Know; Sad On Me (both produced by Ray Graffia, Jr); THE NIGHT FLIGHTS (with Ellery Temple- later to The New Colony Six)- Without You; To Color Turn (both First-time in Stereo); THE SKUNKS- Don't Ask Why (co-written by Wayne Proctor, composer of The Chocolate Watchband classic, 'In The Past'); THE ROOKS- Ice And Fire; Turquoise; and Free Sunday Paper. With a small delete hole in the upper right corner, this swank & well crafted compilation is STILL FACTORY SEALED!