Various Power Pop Artists

The music explosion of the late 1970's developed some fantastic American power pop groups. More than the independent & major labels could release. The compilation album became the best way to introduce these groups, many of whom only had one or two professionally recorded songs to offer anyway. It was a grass roots effort, full of energy & enthusiasm. Hear: Peter Dayton- Last Supper (produced by Rick Ocasek of The Cars); The dB's- Soul; Kiss (with Chris Stamey & Peter Holsapple, produced by ALAN BETROCK); Billy Thermal- I'm Gonna Follow You; The Know- I Like Girls (with Gary Valentine); The Fast- Kids Just Wanna Dance (with Miki Zone, produced by Ric Ocasek); The Willys- She's Illegal (with Marten Ingle & Stevo, produced by Robbie Kreiger); Single Bullet Theory- Keep It Tight; Bates Motel- Live Among The Dancers; Suburban Lawns- Unable; and The Alleycats- Black Haired Girl. The entire LP was produced by Richard Perry, with liner notes by Ken Barnes. This is an original 1980 pressing on PLANET RECORDS. The record jacket is near MINT, and is embossed in gold in the upper right corner as a promotional copy. Please note that promo records are the first few to be pressed from the freshly cut master plates, and therefore sound best. They are given special demonstration labels & distributed to selected radio stations, making them very desirable to collectors. This copy has a special promo label, and shows no sign of any spindle wear or use. The record playing surfaces themselves appear bright, clean and in beautiful unplayed MINT condition!