Sherman Hayes Sr is a Californian who first recorded with Del Courtney's band in 1939 & 1940. Hayes led a "White" hotel orchestra, in which he played tenor sax and vocalized. The band then featured "sweet" arrangements, a steel guitar, a Lombardo-styled sax section, period vocals by the leader, and a femme singer simply billed as 'Wyoma' (actually Sherman's wife Wanda). In the early 1950s, the band was last heard on a remote broadcast from the Hotel Roosevelt in New Orleans, LA. Then, in 1973, Sherman Hayes Jr surfaced with his version of "Catman", released on Barnaby Records. The session features David Cohen, Dick Rosmini, Ralph Shuckett, Larry Knechtel, Joe Osborne and others, including members of "Pan", as well as Tom "Zippy" ("Zip") Caplan on Lead Guitar, Arrangements, & Special Effects, and Mick ("Slick") Stanhope on Lead Vocals, Lyrics, & Percussion. Mick is best known as drummer in the 3-piece power trio, "White Lightning". Mick moved to Los Angeles in 1971 with "Zip" Caplan (lead guitarist extraordinaire in "The Litter" & "White Lightning") and Pat Rains, their "White Lightning" manager. Living in L.A. eventually led "Slick" and "Zip" to their little known yet amazing studio appearance on this fine southern rock styled Sherman Hayes (Jr.) album, titled "Catman". Selections are: Catman (2:51); Winter's Just Like Coming Home (4:10); South's Gonna Rise Again (2:55); Dreamer (4:00); Keepin' to the Backroads (3:46); Creepy Crawly Feelin' (2:55); Mandy (2:05); Spirit (2:08); Waitin' for Tomorrow (2:45); Country Rain (2:54). This is a seldom seen original 1973 pressing on Barnaby Records (BR-15009), and appears in overall beautiful Mint condition. This title can also be obtained with the rare white promo label, in overall beautiful near Mint condition!