It's not unusual to have label mates to sing on each others records. At Cameo for example, Chubby Checker often teamed up with Bobby Rydell or Dee Dee Sharp. At Beserkley, Jonathan Richman sang on Greg Kihn's "All The Right Reasons". Still, the idea of the ENTIRE label roster getting together under one "band name" to make this record is kind of unique. Not since the Kasenetz-Katz Super Circus with the combining of Bubblegum greats the 1910 Fruitgum Company; Ohio Express; and other, has a project encompassed such an ambitious endeavor. The fun folks at Beserkley (Matthew King Kaufman; Glen Kolotkin; Kenny Laguna) formed The Spitballs by putting members of The Rubinoos, Greg Kihn, Earthquake, The Modern Lovers, plus Sean Tyla (of the Tyla Gang) together in the studio to play the classic songs they all grew up with. Songs by The Bobby Fuller 4; Phil Coulter; Gino Washington; Smokey Robinson; John Fogerty; Dave Clark 5; Joe Meek; others.

Hear: "I Can Only Give You Everything" (w/ Royce Ader of The Rubinoos singing); "Gino Is A Coward" (w/ Larry Lynch of The Greg Kihn Band singing); "Life's Too Short" (sung by Greg Kihn); "I Want Her So Bad" (sung by Tommy Dunbar of The Rubinoos); "Chapel Of Love" (Ellie Greenwich, Phil Spector song, sung by Jonathan Richman); "Way Over There" (sung by Asa Brebner of The Modern Lovers); "Knock On Wood" (Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd song, sung by John Doukas of Earthquake, & Sean Tyla); "Just Like Me" (Paul Revere & Raiders hit, sung by Jon Rubin of The Rubinoos); "Feel Too Good" (Roy Wood song, sung by John Doukas of Earthquake); plus "Telstar" (Joe Meek, Tornados hit); "Over & Over" (Dave Clark 5 hit); "Boris The Spider" (John Entwistle & The Who song); "Bad Moon Rising" (a hit for Creedence Clearwater Revival); "Let Her Dance" (Bobby Fuller Four classic); and the Neil Hefti theme to "Batman". From 1978, and never released as a CD, this cool rarity appears on Beserkley Records (0058) and is beautiful MINT!