SURF CREATURE Vol 1 - Various Artists

This amazing 25 song CD comes complete with an informative fold-open insert with a detailed track-by-track rundown on these monster surf rarities. This CD ONLY issue (NO LP) is now Out-Of-Print! You will hear some of the most obscure instrumental surf music from some very talented groups, such as: The Silvertones "Bathsheba"; Aki Aleong & The Nobels "Body Surf" and "Earthquake"; The Majestics "Big Noise From Makaha"; The Starfires "Space Needle", and "Hand Full Of Blood"; Dave Myers & The Surftones "Gear"; The Intrepids "Golash"; The Mysterions "Jerico Rock"; The Centuries "Outer Limits"; Manuel & The Renegades "Woody Wagon"; The Clashmen "Boondocker"; The Jesters "A-rab"; Zorba & The Greeks "Shockwave"; Craig Cahill & The Off Beats "Surfin' Elephant"; Danny Steel "Chinese Twist"; The Nevegans "Russian Roulette"; Mickey Aversa "Blast Off"; Five More "Avalanche"; Fender IV "Everybody Up" (with RANDY HOLDEN); Jim Doval & The Gauchos "Pink Elephants"; The Velaires "Brazil"; and many others! Whether you're walkin' the nose of your long board, or simply enjoying the bachelor pad lounge atmosphere with your favorite beach bunny, this fine surf instrumental and tiki exotica CD will fit any occasion. It is STILL FACTORY SEALED!