SURF CREATURE - Various Artists

After the Bruce Brown film titled "Surf Crazy" was screened in Santa Monica, California in 1960, thousands of teenagers got surfboards and flocked to the beaches to 'shoot the curl'. Some of them were also musicians, freshly stoked up on instrumental hits of the recent past like "Walk Don't Run" by The Ventures, "Woo Hoo" by The Rock-A-Teens; "Torquay" by The Fireballs; and countless others. With further inspiration from the regional sounds of the Mexican Vaqueros, flamenco guitarists, & the Hawaiian culture, Surf Music, as we know it today, was born. This LP collects some of the rarest & earliest surf recordings of Southern California, created by the groups who helped define a sound that lives on today! Hear: AKI AELONG & THE NOBLES- Earthquake (Original version, later covered by The Surfaris); MYSTERIONS- Jerico Rock; NEWPORT NOMADS- Harlem Bells; VARA-TONES- Repeto (featuring guitarist Bill Epps of Splashback) ; THE MAJESTICS- Big Noise At Makaha; THE STARFIRES- Hand Full Of Blood; TRADEMARKS- Baha Ree Ba Pt. 2; THE HUSTLERS- Barefooted Venture; MICKEY AVERSA- Blast Off; THE FENDER IV- Everybody Up (featuring RANDY HOLDEN on guitar!); ATILLA & THE HUNS- The Lonely Huns; FIVE MORE- Avalanche; THE FUGITIVES- Goldenrod; THE BONNAVILLS- Bonnavills Stomp; and CRAIG CALHILL & THE OFFBEAT- Surfin' Elephant, and Pipe City, not available on any CD. This exceptional collection of great early surf music rarities is a true 'must-have' LP for those who seek the real thing when it comes to the Big Kahuna of surf classics! Packaged with great cover artwork by MERINUK, depicting The Creature From The Black Lagoon meets Tina Louise & the cast of Gilligan's Island! Issued without shrinkwrap, this copy is in pristine unplayed MINT condition!