EEEYOW! This slew of honking howl & hoot will absolutely have you beside yourself as you tear up the dance floor! Your neighbors are gonna be bangin' on the pipes to have you turn UP the volume! Just invite them over for drinkin' and all out frantic up tempo screech, jive & hollerin', starting off with the: OLYMPICS "Talkin' Trash"; PIGMEAT MARKHAM "Your Wire's Been Tapped"; KING COLEMAN "Alley Rat"; EVELYN FREEMAN "Didn't It Rain"; MR. WIGGLES "Homeboy"; MORINE & THE ZERCONS "Let A Woman Through", and "Show Me Where It's At"; JOHN TEE "Roll Dem Bones"; REVEREND LOFTON & THE HOLY TRAVELLERS "Look To Jesus"; MELVIN SMITH Ugly George"; EARL CURRY "Hobo"; and RUDY RAY MOORE "Step It Up And Go". PLUS you get these Exclusive Additional Tracks that do not appear on any CD version of this record: SONNY BOY "The Hunt"; DORSETS "Pork Chops"; HONEY BEARS "One Bad Stud", and "Woah"; ADA RAY "I No Longer Believe In Miracles"; and CLAUDE CLOUD "One Bone". There are 18 hot tracks in all, guaranteed to get you jumpin' and jivin'. This LP is STILL FACTORY SEALED!