YOU TREATED ME BAD - Various Artists

19 Outstanding Teen Angst & Scorn Scorchers!

This pimple poppin' album is flat out one of the best sounding, best researched, and best designed compilations you will find. Marvel at the full color photos, uncompromised sound quality, and great unknown stuff by such mid-60's groups as: THE GREMLINS "Wait"; THE MOXIES "Get A Move On"; J.D. ROGUES "Why Did God Make Girls"; MONDAY'S MONDOS "I'm Cryin"; TERRY DAVIDSON & THE BARRACUDAS "Hurray For Hazel"; LITTLE JOHN & THE SHERWOODS "Long Hair"; THE QUESTS "Scream Loud"; THE PLAGUES "I've Been Through It Before"; THE TWILITERS "The Girl From Liverpool"; THE MIDKNIGHTS "Pain"; THE POSSUMS "She's Loving Me"; THE MORTICIANS "It's Gonna Take A While"; THE SOUND EXTRACTION "I Feel Like Crying"; THE SAINTS "Leaving You Baby"; THE MESSENGERS "I've Seen You Around"; THE DEAD BEATS "She Don't Love Me"; THE MYSTERY MEN "I've Got A Feeling"; THE SHOREMEN "She's Bad"; and the title track by THE JUJUS (pictured on cover) "You Treated Me Bad". Complete with insert, this copy is STILL FACTORY SEALED!