NO TEASE - 18 Primi-Teen Obscurities

This is REAL rock & roll, done at a time of innocence, when there was excitement in the air. That Raw excitement was Fortunately captured in the record grooves! This acclaimed Teenage Shutdown series has done all the hard work by putting together the best sounding, best researched, and best designed compilations you will ever find. These ultra-rare mid-60's killers are loaded with energy and enthusiasm. You will marvel at the full color photos, uncompromised sound quality, and great unknown stuff by such groups as: THE NOMADS "Coolsville"; OUTCASTS FOUR "She Gives Me Love"; KON-TAKS "One Of These Days"; STANDELS "Let's Go"; STRANGERS "What A Life"; BARE FACTS "Instant Happiness"; JESTERS IV (pictured on the back cover) "She Lied (I Know Why)"; COACHMEN "Drambuie": CHOLOS "Last Laugh"; ILLUSIONS "The Outcast"; SWINGIN' SAFARIS "Come On Girl"; JAY DEE & THE CHASERS "I Do"; MARAUDERS "Bad Girl"; HANGMEN (pictured on the back cover) "I'm Gonna Love You"; KARE TAKERS "Have You Seen My Baby"; THE MERE EXISTENCE "The World Still Turns"; IN-VADERS "By The Sea"; and THE FUGITIVES (pictured on the front cover) "No Tease". These 18 hep tunes are pressed in real VINYL, and come with a fact filled info sheet, in full-color jacket, all pristine STILL SEALED!