The creation of the fuzzbox in the mid-1960's provided guitar players with a buzz they just couldn't get anywhere else. When used in moderation, but to full effect, teenage bands added a dimension to their music that provided excitement and a full rich sound. Some of finest examples are often the rarest records to find. Well, look no further. This acclaimed Teenage Shutdown series has done all the hard work by putting together the best sounding, best researched, and best designed compilations you will ever find. You will marvel at the full color photos, uncompromised sound quality, and great unknown stuff by such groups as: OSCAR & THE MAJESTICS "Got To Have Your Lovin"; MONDELS "I Got A Feeling", and "You'll Never Come Back To Stay"; MONGRELL'S BAND "Be My Girl"; WANDERER'S REST "Anytime Anywhere"; PEABODY HERMITAGE "Something So"; MODDS "Leave My House"; SCEPTRES "But I Can Dream"; GREG BARR & THE BARR ASSOCIATION "Dance Girl Dance"; THE GREAT SOCIETY (pictured on the back cover - not the Grace Slick group) "I'm The One For You"; IDES "Psychedelic Ride"; GRAINS OF TIME (pictured on the back cover) "No Matter What They Say"; LOU CAPRI "Love And Kisses"; ROCK GARDEN "Super Stuff": BLACK BANANA "Listen Girl"; NIGHT MIST "Last Night"; and THE MOXIES (pictured on the front cover) "I'm Gonna Stay". Dig the Moxie's bass player sportin' a white Vox Phantom with a Beatles Hofner on standby. Now that's livin'! This LP comes complete with a detailed band info insert, and is STILL SEALED!