SHE'S A PEST! - Various Artists


Some of finest examples of teenage garage band music are often the rarest records to find. Well, look no further. This acclaimed Teenage Shutdown series has done all the hard work by putting together the best sounding, best researched, and best designed compilations you will ever find. Marvel at the full color photos, uncompromised sound quality, and great unknown stuff by such groups as: THE LAVENDER HOUR "I've Got A Way With Girls"; WIND "Don't Take Your Love Away", and "Your Man Is Gonna Leave You"; SCEPTRES "The Last Time"; 3rd EVOLUTION "Gone Gone Gone"; APOLLOS APACHES "Cry Me A Lie"; PENELUMS "Tell Me"; ROVIN' FLAMES "Bo Diddley"; PLAYGUE "I Gotta Be Goin"; TREEZ "Only As Long As You Want It"; LIVING ENDS "Self-centered Girl"; A.J. & THE SAVAGES "Long Long Time"; CHYLDREN "Cut Your Lawn"; MOTT'S MEN "She Is So Mean"; ROYAL KNIGHTS "I Wanna Know"; PRIMATES "Knock On My Door"; CONVERTS "Don't Leave Me"; and the INSECTS (pictured on the back cover) "She's A Pest". The HA' PENNYS pictured on front, are not on this volume. This nonstop fuzz, cheesy organ & dance beat LP comes complete with a detailed band info insert, and is STILL FACTORY SEALED!